Klee Coloured Chest of Drawers with Dots

Klee-coloured Chest of Drawers with Dots

Following a recent visit to a Paul Klee* exhibition, Annie Sloan was inspired to paint a Klee Coloured Chest of Drawers with dots – as shown above – and this is how you can do it at home:

  1. Find a fairly modern chest of drawers to upcycle.
  2. Paint the entire chest with Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan in Paris Grey to provide a good neutral background.
  3. Rip off large flaps from cardboard boxes and paint onto them. Annie used a limited number of colours from the Chalk Paint™ range to keep the effect similar in tone.
  4. Press the cardboard squares onto the cabinet to give a slightly uneven effect.
  5. When the entire area is covered, roughly apply the same colours onto some bubble wrap.
  6. Finally press the ‘tips’ of the bubble wrap onto the surface of the chest of drawers to create the dot effects.Klee-coloured Chest of Drawers with Dots

Annie Sloan says:

What can I say about avant garde artist Paul Klee except he really knocks my socks off! I’d forgotten how much he has influenced me until a recent visit to the Making Visible Exhibition at Tate Modern, on London’s South Bank. So seeing the Klee show spurred to me to produce new pieces and to think about the nature of colour.

So what is the key to Klee? To my mind Klee was a great colourist and colour has always made a huge impact on me. He was a very measured artist, very thorough – though when you first see his work you think he is (oddly) lyrical and light, and quite slight. In fact when he gets into something he’ll do it again and again really understanding it. He’s actually quite a mathematical artist, which I really appreciate as I love the mix of art and science.


The watercolour that impacted the most for me was Polyphony (1932) see below and on seeing it I knew I had to get home and work something up from this. In this work, he creates layers and layers of colour using a pattern of squares overlaid with different coloured dots. It’s all about how colours are affected by the colours underneath them… how colour works and I’m tremendously interested in that. This piece made me think I want to do something like that, so I went to work when I got back to the studio.”

Klee-coloured Chest of Drawers with Dots

To read more about this project read Annie Sloan’s story “The eye-catchy colours of Paul Klee (1)” on her blog. Look out for more Furniture Painting Projects from Annie Sloan soon.

For Australia and NZ, look for your nearest stockist of Chalk Paint™ here. Other countries click here to search for your nearest stockist.

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