How to Paint a Fireplace Surround and Tiled Hearth


How to Paint a Fireplace Surround and Tiled Hearth

  1. Sketch it out

Before painting directly on to the tiled surface, on a large piece of paper, roughly sketch out a plan of the tiles. It does not have to be a perfect drawing, rather it should be a useful tool for you to just play around with colour combinations. Once you have sketched your tiles, you can move colour combinations around, putting colours together to see what works with your fireplace and the room itself. On this example we focused on a Mid-century modern colour palette, which included English Yellow, Graphite and Aubusson Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. However more neutral tones work just as well, such as Old Ochre, Duck Egg Chalk Paint™ or a pop of colour from Scandinavian Pink or Louis Blue Chalk Paint™, as per our example.


2. Mask it

Once you have perfected your final design, you can start to mask out your triangles on to the tiles. For a very clean, smooth finish, use masking tape in the centre of each tile. For a more ‘hand done’ finish use a small artists brush to outline the edge of each colour.

3. Apply thin layers

If the tiles are very smooth it is best to paint a thinned layer of paint onto each tile. With a smooth synthetic bristle brush, add a little water to your paint so that it is the consistency of single cream and moving in one direction, paint a thin coat onto the tiles. Leave to dry overnight.

4. Finish

If the tiles have a rougher texture, you can start to paint your design directly on to the tiles. For a smooth finish, use a flat synthetic bristle brush, or if you want to achieve a more bohemian, rustic look, use a round pure bristle brush, moving it in all directions. If necessary remove the masking tape as you go and then leave to completely dry.



5. Seal it up

Once dry, seal with Annie Sloan Lacquer. This robust varnish has an overall matt finish with a very slight sheen, it will protect the paint from any scrapes and scratches and make it water resistant and wipeable too.

The walls (and triangles on the fireplace) are painted in Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint™. The cupboards are painted in Old White Chalk Paint™ and finished with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.


Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan decorative paint, $59.95 RRP 1litre. For Australia and NZ, look for your nearest stockist of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan here. Other countries click here, to search for your nearest stockist. Look out for more advanced furniture painting projects on Havven soon. Further inspiration for all levels of painting projects can be found on the Annie Sloan website, also the Annie Sloan step-by-step tutorial series via YouTube


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