Furniture Makeover: Mid Century Chair Revamp

Transform a vintage metal chair with surface rust and into a collectible designer piece in 10 simple steps!

‘The one thing that instantly transforms is paint,’ Natasha says. ‘The trick is to consider the surface you’re working and choose the specialist paint to suit. It always makes the difference! Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint provides good coverage over the plastic but also treats the rust on the exposed metal parts. And choosing the Hammered effect in Black helps hide any bumps while treating the corrosion.



‘I found this chair on the side of the road and love the shape. But up close it has surface rust and damaged areas.’



‘A couple of coats of paint and new rubber feet makes it look brand new.’

Step 1 Give the chair a wipe down to clean off any dirt and remove any damaged bits, such as the feet.

Step 2 Use small pliers or scissors to clip away any plastic covering that has frayed, cutting close to the frame


Step 3 Use a paint scraper to chip of any rust and smooth the surface, checking over the joints and under the chair.


Step 4 Use 120-grit abrasive paper with a sanding block and smooth out the damaged sections.


Step 5 Check that all the damaged sections feel smooth.

Step 6 Set up a spray booth in a ventilated area using cardboard boxes to catch the overspray.


Step 7 Wipe the chair with a clean, damp cloth to remove dust.


Step 8 Spray the chair in sections, holding the can about 15cm away, starting at the back and underneath.


Step 9 For a smooth finish that avoids any drips, spray fine layers and leave to dry before each.


Step 10 Add new rubber feet to protect your floors, from a hardware store for about $1 each.




lri-sign-offImage, text and project are by Natasha Dickins of Little Red Industries 

Natasha Dickins of Little Red Industries is DIY specialist and professional renovator who loves a vintage find. At her Sydney workshop she’s often found working on old pieces, giving them TLC to make them function again as designer furniture.

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