DIY Solutions For Your Staircase

We’re back once again; this time to tell you how to get the most out of your staircase. If you think about it, staircases aren’t all that attractive. They’re a necessary annoyance that takes up room and gets in the way. But, with a few DIY tips, you can turn them into the most striking feature in the house. Here are some ways to do just that.  

Integrate Beds Into The Staircase

If you’re particularly handy when it comes to your DIY skills, this is the challenge for you. Instead of wasting all that space that your staircase is taking up, you can get creative and turn part of it into a makeshift bedroom. Create a mini closet directly underneath, with a single bed inside. Alternatively, create beds that inside the walls, complete with a DIY ladder to get access to them. Let your mind wander, and you’ll find new and unique ways to do this.

DIY Solutions For Your Staircase


Create A Natural Look

Stairs on their own look dull and boring. Why not go with a brand-new flooring option that you can lay yourself or have installed for you? There are loads of great options like engineered timber – Big River range. Alternatively, if you don’t have those funds, you might have to get extra creative. Use old wine crates and stencilling to create a rustic-looking design. Again, there are plenty of options available to you here.


DIY Solutions For Your Staircase

Be Clever With Storage

Most of us have space for extensive storage underneath our staircases. We often cram boxes and files full of stuff under there without taking consideration for it. There has to be a better way to do this, surely?! There is! Why not create shelving under the stairs to segregate different elements of storage? Come up with your own ideas to reduce the clutter and improve storage capabilities.

DIY Solutions For Your Staircase

Turn Them Into A Learning Tool For Kids!

If you’ve got kids, you can actually use your staircase as a way of teaching them some basic skills! For example, why not number each one of your stairs? Every time you take your child to bed, you can count along with them. You can do this with any skill you desire, and it’s sure to stick in their head this way. Again, this can be done easily via stencilling if you wish. Those are just a few ideas, and there are much more you can opt to go for if you wish. That’s the beauty of DIY; there are no rules, and you can make your own if you want to! Now, go and make that staircase look as good as it should!


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