DIY Projects That Will Make Your Garden Better

The garden is often a place that gets taken for granted for during the colder months, but in the summer we start to enjoy any outdoor space that we have. There are so many DIY projects and jobs that can be done in the garden, depending on what you want to achieve out there, have a read through these favourites:


Decking Area

DIY Projects That Will Make Your Garden Better1A decking can provide a great living area in your garden, whether it’s for entertaining guests, enjoying a meal, or just relaxing in the sun. Decking projects can be relatively straightforward, but it all depends on the space you are building it on. It is essential that you plan beforehand to work out how much material you need and whether the ground needs levelling off before hand. Decking can be built on a flat surface, or attached to the home one stilts at a more experienced level. The decking needs to be treated to prolong its lifespan, but once maintained it provides a stunning area for years.




A BBQ is the quintessential summer meal, and no garden is complete without one. While you can purchase BBQ’s, a handmade one looks much more authentic (and can be more cost-effective). The concept of a BBQ is pretty straightforward. As long as there is a heat source under a grill where the food will be cooked. These can be built from a variety of materials, but normally they are either barrel or brick.


Water System

DIY Projects That Will Make Your Garden Better3A watering system can be a life-saver for any gardener during the summer months. Plants and lawns can die back very quickly from the hot sun, and months worth of work can be gone in a few days. Irrigation systems can be set up in greenhouses and flowerbeds, with reticulation systems ideal for large areas of lawn and land. While smaller systems can be set up yourself, it is advised that you speak to an expert regarding reticulation at, as these can be a much larger challenge.


Raised Vegetable Beds

DIY Projects That Will Make Your Garden Better4A vegetable bed is a great addition to any garden, no matter what size. To deter pets and children from trampling any plants, and to make accessing them easier, raised beds are becoming very popular. These can be made easily from any materials, from scaffolding boards, corrugated metal and old crates. Simply build the walls up, line, and fill with soil. Getting children involved with gardening is a great way of encouraging them outside and to try new fruits and vegetables.



DIY Projects That Will Make Your Garden Better5Including a water feature into your garden is a great way of helping wildlife. They can be fitted yourself relatively easily, and can fit into any size garden. Make sure you have all the tools before starting, and choose between a molded pond, or dig the hole yourself and line with pond liner. Make sure you use plants to oxygenate the water and clean out debris and fallen leaves regularly to keep it healthy.


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