Big Project Ideas For Your Home In 2016

If you’re looking for a really big project to test your DIY skills in 2016, then look no further. We’ve got plenty of inspiration and a touch of know-how to help you pick the best project for you. Whether you’re looking for something to push your limits, or you just really need a good remodel, here are some of the ideas you can choose from:

Garage Refit

Our poor garages often get left to the spiders and dirt over the winter. They become so cluttered with tools, unloved appliances, and empty boxes that they are unusable. What a waste of glorious space! Spend some time this year clearing the whole thing out. Get rid of the things you forgot that you owned.

Sweep the floor, dust the eaves. Maybe install some insulated walling panels. Now paint everything up with anti-mould paint. Put down a carpet remnant. Your new room is ready. Man cave? Mini gym? Art studio? The choice is yours. Some shelves, a desk and a little furniture can create the useful room you need.



Home Cinema

If you love spending time with your friends and family watching a movie, why not try out our ideas for a home cinema? It’s worth investing in good seating in here, as some movies are pretty long! If you’re really serious about the room, consider asking an electrician to help. They could chase the wiring and power needed for surround sound speakers and dimmable ceiling spot lights.


Luxury Garden

We all love sitting out in the garden when the sun is shining. Your project this year could be to design an awesome outdoor dining room. If you’re struggling for inspiration, have a chat with the Tim Davies Landscapers to see what your space could become. You might want a new swimming pool or built in jacuzzi. How about a new garden room? Landscaping is physically demanding, so don’t take on the heavy work all by yourself.



Loft Conversion

A loft conversion can be used for lots of purposes. You might want a quiet and private art studio, or somewhere for the kids to play. You might be lucky enough to pass regulations for it to be a bedroom. Skylights provide plenty of natural light and ventilation. These will need to be installed professionally. Most loft spaces require bespoke or custom storage cupboards. These make a brilliant DIY project for the enthusiast. Speak to your local planning office about what needs to be done for your loft project.


Home Extension

If you’ve run out of space, why not build more? A home extension can also provide you with an increase in value for your home. Useful extensions house utility areas expanded kitchens and spare bedroom suites. As a DIY project, these are pretty labour intensive, and some things need to be overseen by a regulated professional. But getting stuck in with a build could be just the challenge you’re looking for.


Whatever you choose for your project of the year, make sure you plan it out in advance. Some of these projects may require planning consent or regulatory sign-offs from your local government office. It’s best to check first. Have a great New Year.


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