Antique Iron Cot Restoration

You may have seen on Instagram a progress picture (below) of the antique iron cot I purchased for baby #2. If you aren’t already following, please do it >  I found this cot for a steal on Gumtree for $50! It then sat in our shed for a further 8 months while I cooked the baby, why, oh why did I not do this when I was pregnant? Instead, like a genius that I am, I wait till I have a newborn! Silly, silly me.

Bunnings was my destination for all the supplies for this project.


Getting the old paint off

Now, I could have gone the easy road and bought paint stripper however, I didn’t know if this paint contained lead or not and I didn’t want to get that mess up my nose or on my skin. It was coming off fairly easy with the wire brush I purchased with the scraper on the end (as pictured below) so that is how I removed the paint. I left what was on the decorative parts and sanded it smooth.





This one step took a good week and a half with a one month old little baby. Getting outside and doing what I could when I could with the baby monitor attached to my hip! This baby boy of mine is not what you would classify as an easy baby, he is a very light sleeper so I was constantly being pulled away from this project. All in all, I think it would take an afternoon or two if you could just keep going uninterrupted. Probably best you give your hands a break as mine where aching even from the short sessions that I could do.

Painting a fresh coat

First off, I masked the brass top rails with low tack masking tape. I then rested one piece at a time against an old ladder that I didn’t care about getting paint on, and I sprayed two light coats all over. I used Dulux Metalshield Semi Gloss Spray Paint in Surf Mist, a lovely off white colour. Cannot recommend this paint enough, it covered beautifully with very fast dry time, from memory 30 minutes to an hour you could do another coat.

Finishing touches

Once dry, I removed the masking tape off the brass ends and gave them a polish with Brasso on a piece of cheese cloth. This stuff stinks! Don’t be like me, wear gloves as my hands stunk for days. It did take a few days for the smell to leave the nursery.

sneak peek

Safety first, always

Now being an antique this cot is not SIDs friendly. I purchased bumper guards to protect our child from getting a limb or quite possibly a head stuck between the wide bars. An excerpt from the latest SIDS guidelines “the spacing between the bars or panels in the cot sides and ends needs to be between 50 mm and 95 mm—gaps wider than 95 mm can trap a child’s head. If the bars or panels are made from flexible material, the maximum spacing between the bars or panels should be less than 95 mm”

When I went to put in Miss Three’s old cot mattress, I soon realised that this is not a standard sized cot ~darn it!! So, off I went to Clark Rubber. There I was able to purchase a SIDs approved mattress cut to the correct size, only $49! As far as mattress’ go, that is a bargain. They cut it there on the spot, which was very convenient. I held my breath when I put it in, but luckily it fit snug with no gaps. YAY. The SIDS website recommends nothing bigger than 1″ gap between the mattress and the sides of the cot. I also fitted a thin piece of wood, about 25mm underneath the mattress to make it even firmer. The base of this cot has wire coils that stretch with weight on them, so it just made it too soft for our liking. Safety first! I also have a Safe-T-Sleep Sheet which stops rolling so I can sleep easy and not worry; well, not so much anyway.

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