An Entertainers Dream – DIY Bar

I wanted a bar in our home as we are big entertainers but I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere, in my head I knew exactly what I was after so I decided to DIY!

How we made our DIY Bar

I went shopping for the table first and found this hall table that’s very solid and weighs a tonne. It measures: width 380mm length 1310mm height 710mm

I had an old wooden step that came from a church in Sydney. I’ve had it for years and it was my treasure, but yes I decided it was holy enough to use for my bar plus it was the perfect fit
(width 270mm length 1220mm) and solid enough (thickness 40mm) to hold the bottles. My husband was very sceptical about the whole thing but like a good husband, followed my instructions and made the 40mm holes with the hole saw and affixed the step with 3 screws each side: 60mm X 14gauge (6.3) Bugle Batten Galvanized and Countersunk hexagon drive screws.  He was terrified testing the first bottle but stoked with the finish product.

When it came time to rub the step back we both decided it should still have all the footsteps of time firmly planted there so sanding was minimal but normally it would be smooth. The table was purchased second hand but I often see similar ones around. Most of them are wider but I didn’t have the space for a wider table at the time. IKEA have a wider version but not a glass top.

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This guest post was submitted by Krysanne Larden.

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