DIY Organic Intensely Nourishing Beauty Oil

This DIY Organic Intensely Nourishing Beauty Oil is loaded with hydrating, multi beneficial ingredients. The power house combination of jojoba and rosehip makes this oil intensely hydrating, rich in antioxidants, rich in vitamins A, D and E, naturally rich in omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9. Can be used on stretch marks to improve the appearance of the skin.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a handmade concoction, I am not a professional – I am a creative person who looks to DIY when possible. Please use this wisely, don’t put it on or in your eyes. Test it on your hand for the first night to see if there is any reaction before you put it on your face. I have purchased good quality certified organic ingredients – don’t skimp on these if you want a premium oil.



  • 2 Tbsp Coconut oil ($4.40)
  • .5 Tsp Jojoba oil ($14.95)
  • .5 Tsp Aloe vera gel ($5)
  • .5 Tsp Rosehip oil ($12.19)
  • .5 Tsp Sweet almond oil ($4.97)
  • .5 Tsp Manuka Honey ($34.36)

Total cost if I had to buy all of these ingredients new would be about $75. That is what you would expect to spend on a quality skin serum/moisturiser in Australia; having said that, with these purchased ingredients you have enough to last you for years.

*Prices reflect as of 9th of June in AUD$



Melt all ingredients together and spoon into a clean shallow container. Dot two to three small dabs around your face and massage in.


Initial review on this serum is that it goes on quite oily, rubbing it around and over my forehead is really relaxing. The oil soon absorbs leaving the skin feeling hydrated and the honey smell is quite noticeable.

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