DIY Knit Kit – Big Loop Merino Chunky Knit Blanket



I have had the above picture on one of my Pinterest boards for a helluva long time now, so you can imagine when I saw it appear on my Etsy supplies feed I repined it as fast as you can say get out!  I fell in love with the thought of cuddling this big gorgeous blanket to sleep and imagine it would feel as soft as bunny ears and certainly make the cooler months more bearable. The idea of making it did cross my mind and then I found this kit!
Oh happy days!


Loopy Mango have made 15 very information video tutorials, you can watch them here, they show you how to cast on, make a purl stitch and cast off. I have a feeling I will be watching these on repeat when my kit comes. They state that the kit is for beginner skill level so I will follow this up with a review.
Kit contains: one skein of Loopy Mango Big Loop Merino yarn (40 oz , approx. 130 yards), size 50 circular 32” birch wood knitting needles in a cotton Loopy mango pouch, pattern, Loopy Mango bag.It takes about 2 – 3 hours to complete this project. Finished size – 28” x 40”.
Buy your kit from NYC brand Loopy Mango through Etsy
Jade from Havven Sign OffPlease tag us if you decide to make one for yourself, we love to see your take on our tutorials.



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