A Sunhat DIY for People that Crave Personal Space

I saw a sunhat that had an ‘out of office’ message in running writing around the brim and I knew immediately that I would be making my own DIY version of it.

The message I wanted my hat to read was one that I often try to project when I am reading or simply just trying to relax in the very rare occasion that I can when I am by myself without someone crying or hurting themselves or eating sand. That message is simply ‘pi$$ *ff’, but not wanting to be a total jerk, I’ve settled for ‘do not disturb’.

I can see my putting this on during so many different situations. The husband asking where he left the keys, *hat on. The four-nager asking ‘muuuu-uuuum, why is glitter, glittery?’ – *hat on. The baby tugging at my hair and screaming because I wouldn’t let him burn himself with my coffee – you got it, *hat on.

A Sunhat DIY for People that Crave Personal Space

A Sunhat DIY for People that Crave Personal SpaceWhat you’ll need:

  • Straw hat
  • Yarn
  • Thread (in matching colour to yarn)
  • Sewing needle
  • hobby glue
  • Scissors

Step 1 Write your message 

Write your first word around the brim of the hat with hobby glue.


Step 2 Overlay with yarn

Cover the glue word with your yarn and snip off a few inches longer so you can tie a knot before trimming. The knot will stop it unravelling.


Step 3 A stitch in time

Using matching thread quickly place a running stitch over the words into the straw of the hat. Be careful not to push the needle through the brim, otherwise the thread is visible from the other side. Stitching the message down is optional but it holds the thread down flat which gives the hat less of a homemade look.


That’s it! Now, off to the park with a book and hopefully zero human interaction! 🙂

a-sunhat-diy-for-people-that-crave-personal-space-11A Sunhat DIY for People that Crave Personal Space!



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