30 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is derived from the coconut nut and widely popular for good reason, value for money and it’s many uses. What to buy with so many different oils on the market now? Try and opt for a brand that states it is virgin and also cold pressed. ‘Virgin’ meaning it is unprocessed (not bleached, deodorised or refined). ‘Cold Pressed’ is a term to explain the process of the machinery used to derive the oil from the nut that uses no outside heat source.

30 Uses for Coconut Oil30 USES FOR COCONUT OIL

    1. Head Lice – make up a mixture of Coconut Oil, anise oil, ylang ylang oil seems to be effective in treating head lice in kids.
    2. Dry Skin – makes for a wonderful all over moisturiser. Take a scoop of the solidified oil and as you rub it into the skin it will begin to melt and make it easier to apply.
    3. Itchy Skin
    4. Acne – whip up a batch of turmeric and coconut oil and apply the paste to the effected skin (beware this does stain temporarily – tried and tested)
    5. Deep Condition – the worlds best deep conditioner, saturate your hair and leave overnight and wash out normally in the morning for guaranteed softer locks.
    6. Increase Hair Growth
    7. Eliminate Dandruff
    8. Massage Oil


  1. Cooking Oil
  2. Energy – take an tbs for a quickly absorbed boost.
  3. Eye Makeup Remover
  4. Baby Nappy Cream
  5. Lighten Age Spots
  6. Minimize Pores
  7. Support Healthy Thyroid Function
  8. A natural SPF 4
  9. For Cradle Cap
  10. Topically for a yeast infection
  11. Boost Metabolism
  12. Body Scrub – Mix with equal parts brown sugar or rock salt.
  13. Soothes Irritated Skin
  14. Lubricant
  15. Shaving Cream
  16. High Cholesterol – research has shown that daily consumption can increase your high-density lipoproteins, your HDL or good fats, without increasing your LDL or bad fats.
  17. Natural Deoderant
  18. Toothpaste – by itself or mixed with bi-carb soda is a naturally whitening toothpaste
  19. Cuticle Health – when rubbed into the cuticles
  20. Vegetable Oil Alternative
  21. Body Balm – whip up some coconut oil with some shea butter.
  22. Chocolate – add cacao, maple syrup and chia seeds for some crunch.


The image below will take you to a trusted seller of pure virgin organic coconut oil and you will be supporting our site in buying from this online store. We don’t endorse products without falling in love with them first.

Coconut Magic


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