Pumpkin Swag – Easy Toddler Friendly Halloween Decor

Over the weekend we got creative with our pumpkins and turned the humble old pumpkin into pumpkins with swag! An easy toddler friendly halloween decor idea.

If our pumpkins where alive they would definitely be this guy!


Although not pumpkin season here in Australia, I still like to keep with the tradition going and fork out for some to decorate our front porch. I bought these huge pumpkins from our local farmers market, which was the cheapest option besides paper machè, which is a great idea if you have the time!

First we cleaned them up in water and let dry before coating in two coats of white acrylic paint. Once dry, I let my toddler assist me with glueing on the neon pom poms, the crazy eyes, and she even helped me sprinkle the glitter on to the gold polka dot pumpkin. She loved it, although I had to put them up high when done as she wanted nothing more than the pick all those eyes off. This decor idea certainly filled a crafter-noon of fun!

pumpkin swag | Havven.com.au

pumpkin swag | Havven.com.au

pumpkin swag | Havven.com.au

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