How to Prepare Your Home for the Impending Heat Waves of Summer

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How to Prepare Your Home for the Impending Heat Waves of Summer

How to Prepare Your Home for the Impending Heat Waves of Summer

 Summer brings with it the joys of the outdoors and great weather, but it can also bring waves of heat that can be a little hard to handle if you aren’t prepared! After consulting Geelong pest control experts, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to help you beat the heat this summer.


  1. Be Bug Ready

With the heat comes bugs; they breed better and they want in. You should stock up on Aeroguard, mozzie coils and consider bug proofing your home. You can also enlist the help of pest controllers to protect your house from all the creepy crawlies you would just rather avoid.


  1. Use what you already have

The greatest modern invention of all time is the refrigerator, and luckily your home probably has one!

Fill it up with fresh fruit and icy poles and you will always have a nice cold treat. One of my favourite summer hacks is to freeze fresh fruit in chocolate and yoghurt cubes to add to smoothies throughout the day.

If you get desperate and you have a some extra space in the fridge, wet down a t-shirt and stick it in for a few minutes. Then Simply take it out and put it on or rest it on your neck. For best results, sit in front of a fan for double cooling action!


  1. Be Prepared for Power Outages

People really crank up their electricity usage in extreme weather, so be prepared for the possibility that your power could go out. Ensure that you have enough water and emergency supplies, just in case.


  1. Counteract the Sun

Where possible keep the curtains closed on the side of the house that the sun is facing. Depending on water restrictions in your area, you can also hose the outside wall that gets the most sun every few hours. This will help to keep the inside of your house nice and cool.


  1. Kids and Pets

When it comes to those who depend on you, it is your responsibility to see that they are safe from the effects of extreme heat. Wherever possible, try to keep your children and pets inside the house (or at least in the shade) and make sure they have access to plenty of water.


  1. Have a Pool!

I’m not saying you should all install giant in-ground pools with jet streams and waterfalls! Having even just a little kiddy pool to put your feet in can go a long way towards keeping you happy and comfortable when it just gets too hot to handle.


  1. Let’s Face it Summer Stinks!

Hot weather means sweat, sorry but it’s true…

At least you can keep your home smelling super fresh! All it takes is dryer sheets, lots and lots of dryer sheets! You can find these in the washing powder isle in any supermarket. They absorb bad smells and it means you don’t need to use sprays which are bad for the environment and can be toxic to pets. Burning candles and incense are an option, but who wants to add flames to the hot mess you already find yourself in? Just peg a few dryer sheets around your house and on the front of your fans and you won’t need to worry about guests this summer!


  1. Indoor Plants Need Love Too

If you keep plants inside make sure they get plenty of water, you can also keep a few bowls of water around the house so that the air doesn’t get too dry from the air conditioner.


  1. Open Everything at Night

As the day ends and dusk comes, you should open up all the windows and blinds and let the cool night air cool your house down. This will help everyone get the sleep they need and prepare the house for the next day when, inevitably, the sun will appear again!


  1. Stay Safe and Sensible

Everyone is susceptible to heat exhaustion, so skip the workouts and stay safe while the weather is hot. It’s a great excuse for a cheat day anyway, and you deserve it!




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