Flip your Seasonal Wardrobe

Winter is coming, there is no denying the fact the seasons are changing, it’s time to put extra blankets on the bed, flip your wardrobe from summer to winter and store and organise all summer bedding and clothing in an organised manner so that when the warmer months come back around, you won’t be left wondering where things are.

Unless you’re one the ‘real housewifes’ you won’t have a lot of room to store all of your clothing; most young professionals live in small units and parents with rapidly growing kids usually have zero room to store stuff we don’t use on a regular basis.

So how do you flip your seasonal wardrobe and remain stress free? Just remember this one fun fact when you’re flipping your wardrobe. You wear 10% of your wardrobe, 90% of the time no matter the season.

Remember to check your pockets as you flip your wardrobe from summer to autumn as you never know what cash you may have buried deep in those pockets.
Now go ahead and look at your wardrobe and ask yourself the following:

• Do I like this?
• Do I wear/use it?
• Is it portraying the image I want?
• Is it practical/wearable i.e. is it scratchy and uncomfortable?

Do this for everything: clothes, shoes, bags and accessories ~ don’t say I’ll come back to this later, look at every item and make the decision as you flip your wardrobe.
Sort the clothes into three piles, keep, store or donate. You’ll be surprised at how big the donation pile gets!


Now that you know what items of clothing you are storing away for next season it’s time to contain them. Make sure where you are storing it is clean, dust-free and no holes exist. Take all items off their hangers to save room. On the front of each box or space saver bag, grab a maker and label clearly.

When the time comes to change your wardrobe back again, you will know precisely what’s in each box, suitcase or space saver bag and the changing of the wardrobe can be done with military precision with less angst for everyone. If you really wanted to go that extra mile, take a picture of each box with your camera and email the pictures to yourself, this is a good tip particularly for valuables.

So now to put the clothes you’re keeping back in your current wardrobe. Group like with like. You may like to use the following as a general guide:

• Professional – make this group the most accessible as you usually have time constraints when getting ready for work.
• Casual
• Formal

Compatible groups then work together. Colour code within each section, working from lightest to darkest to help with colour matching. Arrange things on shelves like this:

• Jumpers and cardigans should be folded and stored flat.
• T-shirts grouped by colour and long or short sleeved.
• Bags, purses, wallets. Group by colour and size.
• Scarves
• Hats, caps and hair accessories.

Follow the above guide every season and where space is poor, this will ease up your time for when it’s time to flip your wardrobe back!

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