DIY A 2 Min Mason Jar Snow Globe


DIY A 2 Min Mason Jar Snow Globe

This super easy Christmas 2 min Mason Jar Snow Globe was one of the easiest things I have ever made – and so effective in adding a festive feel in your decor. I’ve styled mine amongst a fresh bunch of flowers and framed pictures on our mantel – lovely.


What you will need

  • Clean Mason jar or jar of your choice
  • Miniature tree – these were purchased at Aldi
  • Fake snow – read the tutorial here
  • Super glue

How to do it

The images should speak for themselves, in as little as four steps you are done and dusted. Minimal clean up and no fail rate – seriously, I love these sorts of DIY’s!

2-min-snow-globe-by-Havven-grab-jar1. Clean up your mason jar or jar of your choice. {Learn the most effective way to remove sticky labels here.}

2-min-snow-globe-by-Havven-add-glue 2-min-snow-globe-by-Havven-glue-tree2. Take off the lid and superglue your tree to the lid

2-min-snow-globe-by-Havven-the-snow 2-min-snow-globe-by-Havven-add-snow3. Add your snow to the jar, about 1/4 full

4. Tighten the lid and give it a few test shakes – Voila!


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