The Best Way to Remove Sticky Jar Label Residue

The Best Way to Remove Sticky Jar Label Residue

The most annoying part of any reuse project is removing the horrid sticky residue left over from labels. I have tried most methods found on Pinterest with little luck, that includes mixing up a paste of bi-carb and oil and leaving on before scraping off, citrus based cleaners designed to remove said sticky crud, steam (ouch), and smelly old vinegar.

Having tried and tested all of these above methods left me cursing, I seriously tried them all – this stuff was STUCK but I was determined to find a simpler way to remove the evil remains.

Enter the hero product…

*cue rocky intro

The Best Way to Remove Sticky Jar Label Residue


  • Wipe the eucalyptus oil everywhere you see the sticky marks
  • Let rest for around 5/10min
  • Using a clean cloth that won’t leave fluff behind, polish off the residue
  • You may need to add more eucalyptus oil to the cloth as you go

You can thank me in the comments below, or you can let me know another method if you have a better one! 🙂

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