DIY Tassel Making Kit


DIY Tassel Making Kit and Instructions. Make your own large or mini tassels with cream cotton rope (or navy and white rope) and waxed neon twine.

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  • Have heaps of fun getting addicted to making your own tassels. it is so quick and easy to do when you have all the right materials and a good set of instructions. We give you a step by step guide so that you can end up with beautiful finished tassels.

    You’ll receive everything you need to get started and make 5 large tassels (or 10 small ones).
    The includes 1.5 yards of cream plaited rope
    A great set of instructions with all tips you’ll need to get making beautiful tassels in every size.
    10 yards of waxed twine (2 yards x 5 colours)
    You provide the cup of tea and a pair of sharp scissors.

    ***You can now purchase clip in rings, in soft gold colour, 1.25″ diametre. You can use these to clip the tassels onto bags, keys, anything you can dream of. Select the qty you want from the drop down menu.

    This project is so much fun and just think of all the things in your life that might need a tassel to glam it up: Handbags, tote bags, woven storage basket, add it to wrap up some home baked treats, add it into your gift wrapping, to the corners of cushions, make your own rope tiebacks for curtains. Or use this kit for Jewelery making supplies. The possibilities are endless, so get creating.


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