• Everything you need to get started, all you need to provide is a plant or two – and we even provide recommendations of great beginner plants to try!

    Originally from Japan, the kokedama, or moss ball, is an alternative form of bonsai where a plant’s roots are encased in moss then covered in a special soil mix, which is then covered again in moss. This layering forms a neat little ball of moss that houses the plant’s roots and provides everything the plant needs to survive and thrive. Also known as string gardens, moss balls have been found hanging around hipster cafes and the homes of groovy green thumbs all over Australia.

    Gift one to a green thumb or gift it to yourself – the Basic Kokedama Kit is the perfect present for plant lovers and diy enthusiasts that are ready to get down and dirty.

    The Basic Kokedama Kit includes sphagnum moss; kokedama soil mix (our own mix of bonsai soil, peat moss, bentonite clay and slow release fertiliser); twine (choice of neon orange, pink or yellow); latex gloves and instructions as well as access to our online tutorial. Each kit will make either two small sized kokedama (such as the one shown above), or one larger kokedama moss ball. Instructions include recommendations for plant types to try.

    Adults will have no problems making their moss balls, however children under 10 may need a helping hand from a bigger person. Once made, kokedama are simple to maintain, needing only a soak in water once a week in Summer and every fortnight (or so) in Winter.

    Unfortunately, as this product contains soil it cannot be sent to WA, NT or TAS.

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