Effortlessly Throw Together Your Kids Birthday Party with this Essentials Checklist

After four years of throwing birthday parties I think I have finally nailed the party prep checklist for the ultimate effortless day. For all you list-loving-parents out there, I’ve made a cute checklist you can add too. Simply print our party-checklist and checkoff as you complete each task.


party-checklist-copyEffortlessly Throw Together Your Kids Birthday Party with this Essentials Checklist

Download a print-friendly version here.

Step 1 – three weeks out

Open up your calendar and select a date for the event. Try not to clash with public holidays, other birthdays (sometimes unavoidable) and pencil it in. Message out of state relatives and friends giving them the most time to organise to come.

Step 2

Scour Pinterest, Instagram and your other fave inspiration sources for party theme ideas and choose one. Even if it’s a colour, it really helps eliminate so many options and this is a MUST to achieve that pulled together styled look on the day.

Effortlessly Throw Together Your Kids Birthday Party with this Essentials Checklist

Step 3

Design your invites with your theme in mind and get them in the post/cubby holes at school ASAP

Effortlessly Throw Together Your Kids Birthday Party with this Essentials Checklist

Step 4

Preorder the cake! This was my first year NOT making the cake myself and boy, was I so happy I outsourced this time consuming job. I love making pretty cakes but when it comes down to it, the day before a party I am running here and there and don’t have the time to be elbows deep in marzipan.

Step 5

Where are you going to throw the party? Do you need to book in the venue or pay a deposit to secure it.

Step 6

Follow up on your RSVPs – Most people just forget to do this. If you explain that you are organising how much you need to food to buy hopefully that will give you some more responses. If not, always prepare for more than less.


Step 7

Book in a crafternoon with yourself and if you can rope in some friends to help you start making tassel garlands and any other DIY decor that you want. I always have a party box in the spare room that I put in things that need to go to the venue. It helps keeping everything in one place. Not crafty? No time? I hear ya! Fete Cartel (you can find them on Instagram.com/fetecartel) made light work of DIY this year. From the acrylic name plate to the honeycombs and tassels. They have you covered and the owner, Mandy is a gun at colour combos.

Step 8

Finalise guest list and organise your shopping list. Any dietary requirement needs? Make sure you cater for those people specifically or have on offer an alternative. Try and cook as much as you can prior and freeze, this helps so much. You can make and freeze cupcakes (without icing) before the party and then the night before you can pull out and decorate. Too easy.

Step 9

The day before pick up the cake, best left in room temperature (unless it’s an ice cream cake) and the balloons and flowers.

olivias-fourth-party-12Step 10

Party day, I like to get there an hour before so I don’t have to rush and I just take my time fluffing about decorating. I focus on making pretty one main long table, as this seems to have the best impact, and also the cake table.

Have fun, sometimes accidents turn out to be for the best. Try not to let hiccups spoil you having fun, remember… it’s a kids party.

Take loads of unposed photos to capture the enjoyment and energy of a kids party.


Do you do any other steps that I haven’t mentioned. Let me know what your titbits are! I’d love to hear them.

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