DIY Paper Lace Doily Garland

This simple, delicate, paper lace doily garland is ideal for weddings. The two step tutorial will see you making endless metres to drape over everything from the backs of the chairs to hanging from the tree branches.

Let’s get into it, you’ll need:

  • Bakers twine, trim or string
  • Packets of paper doilies
  • UHU Glue stick


Step 1

Fold all of you paper doilies in advance right through the middle, try to make the edges line up so you can match up the lace pattern.

Step 2

Glueing one side of the fold and hang over the string before pressing together.

Step 3

Repeat trying to get an even gap between doilies.

Options: To make this garland unique to you and your event you could personalise the doilies to your liking.

Some examples are:

  • Staining your doilies with food colouring (before starting step 1) to suit your big days colour pallet.
  • Stamping on the centre doilies in the garland initials of the couple.
  • Instead of using string, glue doilies to white LED fairy lights {shop here} to really make them shine!

from project wedding

Image from Project Wedding

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