DIY Ombre Curtains


  Is there anything more decadent then flowing curtains at a garden party? Add ombre to the mix and you’ve got the luxe outdoor living look down pat. Let us begin with our DIY Ombre Curtains!


What you will need for this project:

  • Fabric – .90 meters (2 yards) of poly/cotton material per drape; x2 drapes in a set of curtains.
  • Dye – Rit or Dylon fabric dye in the colour of your choice.
  1. To start cut your fabric to your desired length needed for the space. TIP: Measure twice, cut once!
  2. Secondly prepare your dye mixture to the products instructions. Dipping the drapes in up to the centre or where ever you want the colour to run to, leaving the ends in longer for a gradual, ombre effect for your curtains.
  3. Hang outside to air-dry but not in direct sunlight to minimise fading.
  4. Then simply hang them where you want them! voila DIY Ombre Curtains!

Please take care if these are left in the elements than eventually they will fade and lose the vibrancy of colour.

This DIY Tutorial proudly bought to you by our DIY Expert Marianne from White Peach Pottery

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