6 Easy Kids Craft Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

Get the kids involved in these easy kids craft projects for dad this Father’s Day, guaranteed* to have dad grinning from ear to ear!


*guarantee is not guaranteed. 

Dads Glasses
Nothing says “I love you Dad” than a pair of Dad specs, I found this gem over at the very cool blog Mr Printables.com 

  • All you have to do is simply print the template and cut it out. Then trace it onto a sturdy cardboard of your favorite color.
  • Cut the lines carefully with a craft knife.
  • Fold the tabs and glue on the arms.

That’s it!

You can also fold them and pop them into an envelope with a message (a little tag with a message tied on) to use as a Father’s Day card. Print the template here.



Have your kids stay still long enough to write a sweet somethin’,somethin’ on their feet photograph it and frame it up for his desk. Found on The How to Mummy.




Now this is what you call a manly bunch of roses bacon.

I have had this bookmarked for so long now waiting for a chance to bust it out, what dad doesn’t love bacon? This is a sure thing. Get the instructions from here.

shadow play

A super cool idea playing with shadows and your child’s silhouette.



Who wouldn’t love this leather earplug organiser? Get the full instructions from Monsters Circus, there are plenty of other inspirational DIYs here too – one to bookmark.

lego keyholder


Get those lego pieces out from under your toes, those suckers hurt! Dad will be sure to love this lego key holder – full tutorial here – I would attach it to the wall with a wall safe adhesive tape.


I hope these 6 ideas have you feeling inspired and saving some money come Father’s Day. Please tag us if you make any of the above at #havventutorials or tag us on the below pages; we love to see your take on our projects.

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