25 ‘WOW’ Worthy Ways with Balloons

I have a love/hate relationship with balloons. I adore the look of them, they’re affordable, a no-brainer to use and versatile to boot; as you will see in the inspirations below. However, there is an even longer list of hates: I hate touching them, the squeak they make when they touch each other, blowing them up, tying them off, the fear of them popping, the dizzy spells from blowing them up, the funny taste they leave on your mouth (vom), the environment factor when people let them go outside! Looks cute but that’s seriously damaging to our earth guys.

Ok rant over, now for the visual feast here are some of my most favourite ways with balloons by the brave people who created them credited below each image.

#1 Personalise your Balloons!

Add a personal touch to your bunch of balloons with metallic Sharpies using quotes or ‘Mr & Mrs’ for a wedding for example.

Found on all-aboutwedding.tumblr.comall-aboutwedding.tumblr.com

#2 Metallic Strokes

Dip your brush in gold and make heavy brush strokes 3/4 of the way up the balloon near the base for a metallic touch!

Found on balloontime.com

#3 Dipped in Gold Flakes

Brush on glue and dip into a bowl of gold flakes to add instant wow factor.

Found on blog.potterybarnkids.comblog.potterybarnkids.com

#4 Balloon Ice-Cubes

Fill up with water and freeze for no mess drink chillers!

Found on boxwoodclippings.com

#5 Wet ‘n’ Wild Balloon Slide

Slippery slide with balloons filled with water! Nuts.

Found on fantasticmaterials.blogspot.comfantasticmaterials.blogspot.com 

#6 Photo Holders

Hang photos from the balloon strings, this would make a great entrance way to any celebration.

Found on focusingonlifegrp.blogspot.com

#7 Window Display

Great to build up anticipation for a new shop opening, like the one pictured below.

Found on journal.jennileemarigomen.com

#8 Rainbow Party Wall

Found on karaspartyideas.com

#9 Confetti Balloons

Found on laurenconrad.com

#10 Balloon Pearl Drops

I can see this working for the spring races events.

Found on leecarolineart.blogspot.com

#11 Balloon Bombing!

What is it? You sneak into someones room and fill it with hundreds of balloons.

Found on h-o-r-i-z-o-n-s.tumblr.com

#12 Animal Balloons

Found on kidskubby.com

#13 Make a Wish Balloon

Found on ohhappyday.com

#14 Balloon Photo Prop

Nothing screams HAPPY like a balloon photo shoot!

Found on 2


Found on designlovefest.comdesignlovefest.com

Found on inspired-design.tumblr.com
Found on marycatherinemoody.blogspot.com
Found on maxwangerblog.com
Lacy Mae Designs
Lacy Mae Designs
Found on makezine.com

Found on designlovefest.com2


Found on emmadimes.blogspot.comemmadimes.blogspot.com

#15 Balloon Cake Toppers

Found on onefabday.com


#16 Pom Pom Balloons

Found on onefabday.com2


#17 Balloon Lined Drive Way

Found on princessandthefrogblog.blogspot.com


#18 Giant Balloons with Decorative Strings

Love the string decorations here!

Found on savethedatemagazine.co.uk


#19 Balloon Easter Egg

Found on shopsweetlulublog.com



#20 Ice Cream Balloons

Trust Martha to think of this, all you need is a circle of brown paper to make into a cone and tape to the end of the balloon. Cute.

Found on thecraftsdept.marthastewart.com



#21 Balloon Mannequin

A super cool way to display clothes



#22 Glowing Balloon Orbs

Fill a balloon with water and break a glow in the dark bracelet into the water and Hang in old stockings for an out of this world effect.

Pinned by Allie Payne
Pinned by Allie Payne

#23 Romantic Balloons

For a girly, romantic look wrap your balloons in mesh netting and secure with rosettes.

Pinned by Sue McCourt
Pinned by Sue McCourt

#24 Balloon Arch

Tie your helium balloons to string and anchor at both ends to create an arch.

Pinned by Peggy Wooten
Pinned by Peggy Wooten

#25 Balloon Fruit Garland

Pinned by Lizbeth Castelan H
Pinned by Lizbeth Castelan H 
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  1. I love these balloon ideas!! The ice block one is a great idea!! I’m definitely going to try the unique strings to jazz them up!!! Fun ideas for kids too!!

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