Top 10 Second Hand Treasures to Buy and Sell on eBay

 How to Spot a Gem in a Second Hand StoreAre you the type that is friends with a mate that seems to score the mother load every time she visits a thrift / second hand store? I know it’s annoying but lady luck isn’t on her side, well perhaps it is, but more than likely she knows what she is looking for and goes on the right days. Find out next time you go to your local vintage store when they get there weekly deliveries, then add 1-2 days and those are the best days to hit the aisles! Go first thing in the morning as people honestly make a living out of doing this. Have you seen Picker Sisters or American Pickers? If yes, then you know the kind of treasures you can find.

Top 10 Second Hand Treasures to Buy and Sell on eBay

1 – Antique Bird Cages.

Is it in good working order? Then just needs a clean up and a paint job before making a profitable flip. Not working? Still get it and make it into a pendant light fixture or a climbing plant holder. 2 – World Globes

These make very easy flips, in most states. Are you good with a paint brush? Check out these painted beauties for some inspiration for your own found globe, it’ll look so good you will probably keep it. 3 – Old Decorative Shutters

Big time popular in French country homes. Sand it back, paint it white and sand it back, shabby chic is where it’s at! 4 – Automotive Advertising Memorabilia

Although it doesn’t  pique my fancy it certainly will to a collector, grab it. 5 – Vintage Bikes

Shops love these to hang advertising off. If your vintage bike doesn’t go for your reserve, go around and ask your cool local retailers, don’t be embarrassed the worst they can say is no. 6 – Tea Cup and Saucer Sets

Again, hugely collected item. Look out for stamped or signed porcelain $$ Teacups have become very popular piece to reuse into many gorgeous DIY crafts as well so buy up. 7 – Copper

Pans, pots ANYTHING copper! Buy it. If it has a green patina you receive bonus points! 8 – Old Wooden Ladders

Used as a towel rack in the rustic household, ladders have been highly sought after 9 – Rocking Horse

If you find something like this, which will be very rare, expect to see a prize tag with at least four digits. These are hugely collectable and absolutely gorgeous. 10 – Enamel Dinnerware

This hard wearing enamelware is a dime a dozen.

Want to know how to sell your new found treasure? 

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