The Power of Pantones 2017 Colour of the Year in Your Home Decor

Pantone has studied the current cultural climate and has announced that the year of 2017 will be coloured in “Greenery”. The hue of new beginnings will quickly find its way into different spheres of our society. Bringing with it a sense of novelty and balance. It will also sweep interior designers off their feet and take its deserved place in the spotlight. Should you decide to give your home a new look, consider embracing ‘Greenery’ and turning over a new leaf.

The Power of Pantones 2017 Colour of the Year in Your Home Decor
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The Power of Pantones 2017 Colour of the Year in Your Home Decor


The Philosophy of Greenery

Along with ‘Greenery’ comes a certain philosophy, a philosophy of new beginnings. If you’ve been thinking about changing some aspects of your life, this is the colour that will put you in the right mood. Another important message that Greenery sends is reconnecting with nature and creating a unity between yourself and others. It also reflects the care for our environment and the attempts to preserve it. With this kind of philosophy in mind, you can create a peaceful atmosphere in your home filled with energy and liveliness.

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The Greenery of Natural Life

What’s a better way to introduce Greenery into your home other than by welcoming nature itself? The yellow-green hue reminds of the first days of spring when natural life starts to blossom. The best way to capture this feeling is by adding plants to your interior design. Plants have been widely embraced all over the world as essential elements of interior design and have their place in every room, including bathroom. Apart from being stylish decoration elements, plants will have a positive impact on your health, since they will cleanse your home from airborne pollutants. In addition, they will create a more enjoyable and positive ambient just like the one that Greenery stands for.


Personal Sanctuary Coloured in Greenery

‘Greenery’ should be implemented with the aim of creating a peaceful environment and a great portion of that lies in disconnecting from the world of technology. If you feel like you need a break from the hustle and bustle, creating a personal sanctuary in your home will not only look stylish, but it will help you find the inner peace. With little effort, you can easily transform any corner into your own personal nook where you can retreat from the stress of everyday life. The best way to create a comfortable and cosy zone is by using ‘Greenery’ for styling it up. It will help you design a soothing sanctuary where you can go to unwind.

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Go Big with Greenery

If you like the idea of having ‘Greenery’-inspired home, why not go a step further? You can use the colour for some larger pieces. From cabinets and shelves, to tables and chairs, and even sofas and armchairs. You can easily find what you need by picking out some home décor online solutions that will complete the look of your home. This colour will bring the feelings of freshness and energy into your home that will look as stylish as ever.


Unity of Greenery and Other Colours

‘Greenery’ is all about unity, which means that it gets along with other colours. The colour of nature can be combined with a range of shades. You can easily create an interesting colour scheme for your home, but make sure to aim for a balanced and harmonised look. Another important principle you need to have in mind when deciding on the colour scheme is, consistency. This is the golden rule of interior design that will help you avoid having a tacky look. After all, this doesn’t reflect the spirit of ‘Greenery’.

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Greenery for Accentuating

If you’re reluctant to repaint your walls green, and you’re more comfortable with neutral backdrop; you’ll be glad to hear that there are other equally efficient ways to incorporate it into your homes. You could consider opting for an accent wall to make a décor statement. This is a great way to break the monochromatic look of a space and draw attention of your guests. The accent wall doesn’t have to be in the colour of the year – you can experiment with different patterns and finishes as much as you want. Another stylish solution is adding accent elements throughout your home, which is a great solution if you want to connect different design styles.

This colour that offers many possibilities in interior design and that will bring peace to many homes. When decorating your home in this hue, remember to follow the Greenery philosophy of unity, peacefulness and harmony.


The Power Pantones 2017 Colour of the Year in Your Home Decor

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