She Has Not Made Any Trash in Two Years

She has not made any trash in two years, let her zero waste lifestyle inspire you to make changes in your everyday.


This is Lauren Singer. Lauren lives a Zero Waste lifestyle out of NYC.

An Environmental Studies major in College with an obvious interest in our environment and treading lightly on this earth.

She made the conscious decision to live sustainably over a year and a half ago; but, how did Lauren get to this trash-free, waste-free way of living? and how on earth did she only make enough rubbish to fill this mason jar?


College was a shining light on her own personal environmental impact. “I would sit there and think, we are supposed to be the future of this planet and here we are with our trash, messing it up.”  Living closer to her values and finding a family of four in California, that called themselves the Zero Waste Home; where the catalyst in making a serious change. Wanting to lessen her impact, she created Trash is for Tossers.

“Trash is for Tossers is my attempt. It will document my Zero Waste journey and show that leading a Zero Waste lifestyle is simple, cost-effective, timely, fun, & entirely possible for everyone and anyone. If I can do it, anyone can!”

Lauren from Trash is for Tossers
How loose are the rules to ZERO WASTE? Lauren literally produces no garbage. Nothing is sent to the landfill, nothing is thrown in the trash can, nothing. nada. zilch.

After a lengthy read of her site I recommend you visit and subscribe to for further tips and updates from Lauren, it seems there is no defined formula, rather a ‘two step’ approach to zero waste.

1. Evaluate

Take a look at your lifestyle, daily habits and retail methods by asking yourself the following:

– How much garbage are you currently producing? What is the bulk of it made up of? This should shine a light (or many) on products/areas to begin with reducing or looking for alternatives.

– Why do you care about decreasing your impact? Do you want to: save money, avoid toxins, avoid clutter? Understanding your motives is a wonderful place to start.

– What do you use on the regular? What are things you could live without? What could you possibly donate/reduce?

– What products can I swap out for more sustainable  alternatives? ex: tupperware to glass, mason or recycled jars.

The most important one straight from Yoda’s lips: “How much and what do I really need to be happy? Really assess why you own and hold on to certain things, and determine if you really need that giant foam finger in the back of your closet to be happy.”


2. Transition

Start to downsize and begin disposing of the unnecessary things.


TIPS from Trash is for Tossers

  • Bring a reusable bag and water bottle everywhere you go!
  • Ditch the plastic and replace them with more sustainable, long-lasting alternatives.
  • Buy secondhand.
  • Minimise.
  • Think organic, think local and think sustainable and BUY IN BULK!

It is a never-ending path to living a waste free lifestyle in this disposable era where consumerism is king, Lauren is a damn role model and she has personally made a big difference to me and my home is definitely watching its waste line.

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