Incredible Sources Of Inspiration That You’ll Love

When you know you need a change, but you’re not sure what it should be, you need some inspiration! Many of us use websites like this one to find out how to make and create new ideas for our home. Sometimes, it can be nice to let your own creativity shine through to produce something absolutely unique to you. Finding your own style comes from deep within, but here are some sources of inspiration to help release the best of it:

Incredible Sources Of Inspiration That You'll Love
Art and Image: Heart Candy Designs


Lots of creative people love having works of art in their homes. But art can also help inspire us to create our own style. Look at the shapes and the patterns. Can you find a tone or shade that can lead you to your own colour palette? Look at art from lots of different sources. Places like Boomerang Art offer fabulous pieces that can inspire or integrate your own design ideas. Or, buy from a local artists, like the painting featured by Jessie Webster, a South Coast painter making beautiful art, visit her page here.

Incredible Sources Of Inspiration That You'll Love
Incredible Sources Of Inspiration That You’ll Love

People Watching

Watching the world go by is far from a waste of time. Treat yourself to an hour or two of people watching. Spot the colours and textures of their clothing. See how the shape of a handbag complements their outfit. Find inspiration in belt buckles, hairstyles, and even shades of lipstick. Create something new from something that moves you. Human interaction can be the source of many creative DIY projects.

Incredible Sources Of Inspiration That You'll Love - hobbies

Within Your Hobbies

Looking deep within yourself can provide you with all the inspiration you need. What are your hobbies? If you love music, look to album covers or notation for design ideas. A simple stave could become the theme for a design or even a practical item like a pan hanger or towel rail. If dance is more your thing, then find forms from the different styles of dance that could inspire your next table lamp or furniture design.

Incredible Sources Of Inspiration That You'll Love-movies

In Your Favourite Movies

Do you have a favourite movie that you love to watch time and time again? Next time you watch it, check out some of the sets. Professional props masters spend years studying the details of home interiors across many styles and eras. You can always find objets d’art and furniture ideas here.


Image Files

Do you collect images of things you like the look of? Scrapbooks or Pinterest boards (follow us here) can be so handy for collating your ideas. But they can also be the source of new ideas for you. Most online photo collections are free for everyone to see. You can even subscribe to them. Look to them for ideas for textures, shape and form for your next DIY or decor project.

Incredible Sources Of Inspiration That You'll Love-bedroom

Other People’s Houses

We all love a good nose around other people’s houses. They can also provide us with inspiration for our own home decor. The photos posted online will show the house in its best light. You’ll be able to see the interiors clearly enough to find sources of inspiration for your own home. Colour schemes and design can help give you plenty of ideas. And if you’re really keen, why not book a viewing to see more!


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