DIY Make your own Light Box

main Want the professionally shot photos without the studio price tag? Look no further, we will show you how to create a light box to diffuse harsh electric light and create beautifully professional looking images. What you are trying to create is diffused light which makes for a well lit object minus harsh shadows.



step 1

Grab your foam board and cut out a frame about 1.5″ wide using a Stanley knife. Scoring once and cutting through on the second cut – don’t attempt to cut straight through the first time.

TIP: If you don’t have a big enough cutting board cut on clean concrete or on tile flooring.

step 2

Trim and tape one sheet of white tissue paper to the frame. Make three of these tissue paper window panels to make up the two sides and the roof of your light box.

step 3

Tape your panel to the side of your foam board leaving a half inch gap so you can fold in the sides and so you can fold flat for storage.


Tape on the second paper window panel onto the other side of your foam board centre.

Order should be paper window panel > foam board > paper window panel.

Step 5

Fold to create a box and rest the third tissue paper window panel on top to act as the roof. You can tape this down if you want, but if you do you won’t be able to fold it all away flat.

Step 6

Shine a light through the side window panels or through the roof panel. Play around with what works best for the object you are shooting.

Perfect for those selling online or budding photographers building their portfolios; this light box project will be the best thing you have done with as little as $15!


You can see the difference of the ice creams when they are side by side. The left the one that has been shot without the help of the light box and has huge contrasts and reflections compared to the cone on the right.


Jade from Havven Sign OffI hope this little tutorial has helped those starting up and saved you a bunch of money at the same time. Leave comments below or tag us in your own creations on social media!


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