22 Surprising Places to Grow Succulents

Who would have thought that this micro-trend would have sprouted from so many nooks and crannies? From every corner of the globe we have tracked down some inspiring gardens to the down right weird, what-where-they-thinking type.

We hope you enjoy this round up of surprising places to grow succulents.

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How to Propagate (regrow) Succulents with Havven.com.au

22 Surprising Places to Grow Succulents

You can grow them in a teacup.


Fill latex gloves with clay, plaster or cement, lay the hand over or in something to shape it while setting. Remember to remove the contents from the palm. source: drought-smart-plants.com


They don’t mind hanging out in an old bird cage either.


Or a bird house. source: TheSucculentPerch


Egg shell planters provide lovely nutrients to kick start new succulent cuttings! source: thekitchn.com


Restyle your halloween decor this year with this not-so-scary pumpkin planter. source: simplyhappenstance.com


Liven up some boring statues. source: stonefacecreations.homestead.com

Driftwood Succulent Planter | Havven.com.au

They will even thrive in found driftwood.

Woodward Greenhouses

Impress everyone with this vertical garden which borders on true art! source: Woodward Greenhouses


Grow them as a low-maintenance border. source: www.gardenandhome.co.za


Jazz up your fridge and put to use those wine corks you’ve been collecting. source: snapguide.com


 Grow them under a glass outdoor table, they will love the UV and the rain protection! source: hgtvgardens.com


Pop them in a pinecone planter. source: theinspiredhomeandgarden.com

DIY Book Planter with Havven
A novel gift idea for the book lover.

A great garden project. This DIY Living Garden Wreath can be used for many purposes. Looks great in your garden or in your home. #garden #diy #succulents-

A living wreath to don your door. source: gardentherapy.ca


An impressive reuse of a water fountain. source: succulentsandsunshine.com


Create gorgeous wedding favours for your guests, as shown here by bridalmusings.com


Create a letter succulent display! This would be great for special occasions as centrepieces or on a mantel with something that would work year round, like LOVE or PEACE. source: www.etsy.com

tiny houses

Grow them in tiny, ceramic houses. source: www.buzzfeed.com

paper bags

Disguise el cheapo pots by storing them inside cool paper bags, you can get similar ones here.


Why not find a vintage piece and make a real talking point in your home, like this gumball idea from thecraftedsparrow.com


Make a cool reuse from all those empties! Watch how I cut glass with fire, here. 

No matter where you grow succulents, though, it’s still super important that your container meets a couple basic requirements if you want to keep your succulents alive and healthy. Even the cutest containers should follow these basic guidelines:

  • Every succulent container needs to drain. Usually, this means that they need a hole in the bottom and a tray to catch excess water (it’s also important to remember to dump out excess water if it pools).
  • This is more about placement than anything. Succulents are extremely durable plants; however, that doesn’t mean you can beat them up with a bunch of overly harsh light. Instead, put succulents in a window that will get 4 to 6 hours of nice morning light but will only get in direct light throughout the rest of the day.
  • Succulents don’t like to overindulge. If you water them too much, they might die. Generally, you only want to water them after their soil has completely dried out. One easy trick to test this is to stick a chopstick in the soil in the same way you would if you’re baking brownies. If it comes back clean (i.e. no moisture), your succulent needs water, but if there’s any moisture on it at all, you can wait a little bit before you water your plant.

If you want more tips for planting succulents, is a nice, handy visual reference from Sproutabl’s article on growing  at the end of the article.


Hopefully this has inspired you to propagate your succulents to make something unique of your own! We’d love to see them so make sure you tag us on Instagram or Facebook xxx

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