Unleash Your Hidden Bathroom Beauty

There comes a time when you have to admit that your bathroom has seen better days. Let’s face it, it can get pretty messy in there. Any bathroom is subject to a lot of wear and tear. His and her beauty and vanity products get left out when you are in a hurry. There’s the steam and humidity left behind after baths and showers. Damp towels get left on the floor or cover everything else. Plus some members of the family treat the bathroom as their private dressing room.

Img: David Locke via Flickr under the Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
Img: David Locke via Flickr under the Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Those of us considering a renovation know that the bathroom tends to get left towards the end of the list. This might be when the dollars are getting tight. But the bathroom can be the jewel of the house and that is exactly where we want to take it. What are some steps we can take to unleash our hidden bathroom beauty?

Keep the lines clean

Bathrooms attract clutter, for all the reasons above and more. Plus they are not often the most generous of rooms regarding size. Today’s bathroom and ensuite gets a lot more attention from the designers. But older bathrooms can be quite small. It makes sense to strip a bathroom back to its four walls and basic fittings. Think about keeping lines as clean as you can make them. You want as few pokey corners as possible.

Tiles give you great clean line options. There are so many varieties and sizes. Think about large tiles on the floor all the way through. You could go for a mosaic effect on the walls or again keep it simple using understated greys and neutral soft browns. Do you need that bath? If you do, either decide to make it compact with a purpose built in shower, or go for an open feet vintage tub. They always manage to look opulent.

Storage rules

To complement your clean lines, get rid of the chances of cluttering up, by installing subtle storage solutions. There are ranges of shelving units that can run along the tops of walls, or you could recess shelving into the wall. There’s a lot of cool inspiration out there. If you could use some professional help talk to bathroom remodelling experts to get an opinion and quote. Vanity units can work, but they also can leave the smaller bathroom looking a bit short on space.



This is where you can capitalise on your clean lines and subtle storage solutions. Use soft lighting where you need it. Consider recessed downlights, but have extra illumination over mirrors and vanity units. Plan your electrics well to incorporate extractors and underfloor heating systems. The same goes for towel radiators. It is worth spending a few more bucks here and investing in something a bit special. Chrome is a real timeless eyecatcher. Cheaper units can look okay to begin with but can tire quite quickly.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you can decide how you’d like to finish off. You’ll have a great background to work with gorgeous colour in your bath sheets and towels. Use your shelving spaces to take lovely touches, such as driftwood pieces or beautiful stones and pebbles. Bringing it all together will be a great tonic and you’ll have a space you can love and treasure for many years to come.


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