Ultimate Home Safety Tips: When NOT To DIY


We love DIY around these parts – but some jobs are just too dangerous to attempt if you don’t have the qualifications behind you. It’s one thing trying your hand at the do-it-yourself ethic – and it’s great fun – but some things around the house need a professional eye. Even the simplest task in a particular area can lead to a dangerous situation. So, think twice before approaching any of the following jobs in the home.


Ultimate Home Safety Tips: When NOT To DIY



There are plenty of electrical repair jobs that can be carried out by anyone with a vague knowledge. Changing a plug or a switch, for example, is something taught at most schools these days. However, it doesn’t take long for electrics to become extremely complicated. Rewiring is one of the biggest issues for people taking a DIY approach, and it can be dangerous for many reasons. The kitchen and bathroom are big problem areas. Because of all the water from taps, sinks and machines, the electrics have to be nothing less than 100% safe. If you are in the dark – at all – always call the professionals.


Gas pipes


The gas pipes that surround every room in your home can be incredibly sensitive. And, it’s easy to fix your gas appliances up properly if you don’t have the knowledge. Put it this way; most rental properties have a legal duty to ensure oven installs are carried out by registered professionals. Always call one to ensure you and your family are safe.



Need to change a washer? Go for it – there’s no issue at all with something so small. However, when it comes to the pipes that spread through your home, you have to be so careful. If you have a leaking pipe, make sure you call in a plumber. According to Perth Metro Plumbing, quick access to professional advice could save you thousands of dollars. It will also prevent damp from spreading, which can lead to health problems for you, and structural issues for your home.




There are so many tragic stories of homeowners heading up to the roof to fix a loose tile, and ending up losing their lives. So, if you ever need roof work done on your home, please call the pros. DIY is all well and good, but when you are up so high, you are exposed to a lot of danger. A sudden gust of the wind and a slippery patch on the roof might be all it takes to end your DIY projects – permanently.



A lot of people think asbestos in the home is a thing of the past. But, given that this country mined the substance until 1984, and you can see how far it has spread. If you do have asbestos in your home, never remove it yourself. It needs to be removed properly by a professional – and also disposed of in a particular way. You could see serious illness coming your way if you don’t call a pro.


Be safe out there, everyone! Until next time…

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