Top Tips for Organising Your Pantry

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There are so many benefits to having a well-organised home. We all have different ways of storing and organising the items in rooms such as the bathroom, bedroom and closet due to the range of items we own. But there is one area of the home that the majority of people have the same items and that is the kitchen pantry.

In most homes, the pantry houses all the cans, bottles and bags or packets of dried foods such as rice and pasta. Although these items are not the most exciting things to organise, doing so can make a real difference to day-to-day life. And as we all use the pantry at least three times a day, it’s no surprise that without proper organisation, it can become a complete mess in just a couple of days.

This is why we feel it’s important to invest in organisational items that not only look great but keep everything in its place and easy to find. Purchasing homewares online in Australia is a regular pastime for most of us, but it’s important that you remain strategic in your selections.

Top tips for organising your pantry (and keeping it that way)

Below are our Top tips for organising your pantry (and keeping it that way)

Do a regular overhaul from time-to-time

Get into the habit of pulling everything out of your pantry and cleaning it out every month or so. It’s easy to forget what’s in there and there are often expired or inedible goods taking up valuable room. This is also the perfect time to give the area a thorough clean, disinfect the shelves and remove dust and crumbs.

Once you have a clear view of what was in your pantry, group the items and divide them into categories such as cans, baking goods, frequently used items and items you barely reach for. Grouping these items together will make locating items easier.


Invest in storage containers

Storage containers are an excellent way of storing goods whilst adding a decorative element to your pantry. Storage containers also work if you have open shelving as they make great display pieces, whilst serving a purpose. Items such as pasta, rice and cereal may also last longer in airtight containers and look much better in your pantry than an open bag or box.

Clear plastic drawers are also a good option as they tend to look neat and tidy and opting for the plastic option means you can see what’s inside, making items easier to find.


Consider buying a Lazy Susan

One of the main reasons that our pantry can become so messy and unorganised is down to us moving items around in order to locate just one thing. For example, you’re in a rush one morning and are looking for a bag of nuts or seeds, but they are right at the back. You move all the items at the front of the pantry out of the way and simply don’t have the time to put it all back in perfect order.

If this sounds like something that happens often in your house then purchasing a lazy susan could be the answer. A lazy susan is a revolving tray that can be found in most kitchen or homeware shops and makes it easier to store items in small spaces. Simply load the lazy susan up with tins or bottles and spin to get a full view of all the items without the need of moving things around.


Stack you pantry items

Another way of getting a clear view of the items in your pantry would be to create a step or shelf. Simply place a box upside down at the back of your pantry and stack items on there. This will allow you to get a better view of items that are at the back of the pantry without the need of moving those located at the front.


We hope that the above tips will make it easier to keep your pantry under control.  Simply investing in a small number of items or thinking outside the box when it comes to organisation can make a huge difference.


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