Telltale Signs That It’s Time To Move House

Moving house is such a big decision that it can be hard to judge whether we’re ready. We might ask ourselves whether it’s really necessary, for example. We might wonder if we can improve things where we are or even if it’s just a case of “the grass is always greener”. It is often wise to bide our time and think carefully about important decisions. But we should also ensure we’re not slipping into procrastination or just going around in circles! For the housing market, time can be of the essence. Prices may change or our valuation may drop, for example. We may be beaten to the property of our dreams by a quicker buyer. So when do we really know that it’s time to get serious? If you’re considering a house move but are unsure whether you’re ready, check the list below for some telltale signs.

You Have Outgrown It

“Outgrowing” a home or area can take many forms. It may have taken an obvious, physical form such as desperately needing an extra room or more garden space. It might be that you are hoping to make renovations that your current house cannot accommodate. You may be starting a family or have a home business planned. But outgrowing something can take a more emotional form too. Perhaps what initially attracted you to the house is no longer suitable for you. Maybe what the area offers is no longer inline with your priorities. Many couples might gravitate towards a bar scene or lively nightlife at first. But they may then find that this interferes with their search for good schools or a more relaxed pace of life. We should think carefully about whether our home and current area still suits our needs. We should also think whether these needs will remain the same in the next five years or so. This can help us to focus on whether or not it’s time to move.


You Are Constantly Noticing Other Houses

Many of us notice and admire houses from time to time. When we own our own home, many beautiful or luxury homes can give us inspiration and ideas for our own decor. But we know ourselves whether we are just looking for inspiration or whether we are longing for a different space.

You Cannot Visualise

Many people find that they stop being able to visualise themselves in their home. They can’t picture Christmas there, or welcoming children, or accommodating relatives. You may be struggling to visualise the future, or worse. The future in the house scares you. If picturing yourself in the house 3 to 5 years from now sends shivers down your spine, ask yourself why and consider if it will be solved by moving.


You Hesitate To Invest

If we are happy and comfortable in our home, it is rare that we hesitate to invest time, money, and energy. Of course, we have to take normal financial precautions and may have to wait before renovations can be made, for example. But in principle, we are happy to put attention and thought into our home. Hesitation to do so can indicate that we do not see a future there. If we think about this carefully and find it to be true, it may be time to seek out a new home.


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