Six Best Sources for Interior Design Inspiration

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Six Best Sources for Interior Design Inspiration


Have you just moved into a new apartment or wanting to update your current home? Then you will know it can be a nerve-wracking and at times overwhelming experience. Where do you start? Where are the best places to shop at? How will you come up with ideas? To make it easier for you, I’ve put together six of the best sources to go to for interior design inspiration.


  1. Go Fabric Crazy

New fabric is something that can really transform your space with minimal effort. From up cycling re-upholstering old armchairs to purchasing new curtains, fabric stores can really breathe inspiration into your interior decorating. Instead of splashing out on a new couch, updating it by re-upholstering is a fantastic way to save money and end up with a seemingly brand new piece of furniture. Curtains in a new shade of colour can also bring a whole new ambience to your room. If you are purchasing curtain fabric in Australia, a good idea would be to head down to a fabric showroom to give you some fresh ideas and have the chance to see your chosen fabric in all its glory.


  1.     Pinterest Is Your BFF

Now is the time to finally pay attention to the things you have been obsessively pinning on your Pinterest board for the past 5 years! Pinterest is a goldmine of inspiration and ideas – from food, fashion, and most importantly, interior design. With the thousands of interior design boards available for you to browse through, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Another great thing about Pinterest is that there are a variety of DIY tutorials at your disposable, so you will always have a more cost effective option available to you.

  1. best-sources-interior-design-inspiration3 Don’t Ignore Garage Sales

Garage sales (which you can find out about through Facebook events and Gumtree) are an interior decorator’s paradise. First and foremost, most things sold at garage sales are often marked down by crazy amounts, and you can be sure that you will always go home with a fantastic bargain and a smile on your face. Antiques and old pieces of furniture that you can jazz up with a coat of paint or varnish are always available and often overlooked – so don’t forget to check out the next garage sale around the corner!


  1. Op Shops are a Goldmine

Op shops aren’t just for second hand shoes and clothing – they are the place to go to find quirky decor for your new home. Oftentimes, you can find items at op shops that are practically brand new and marked down to less than half price. If you are looking for an eclectic design to your interior design project, op shops are your best friend. Keep in mind, some op shops are better than others, so it may take a couple of trips to find all the pieces you need.


  1.     Check Out Display Homes

One of the best places to source interior design inspiration from are display homes. After all, these are spaces that have been designed and decorated by the best of the best in the industry. Display homes are always furnished and designed to maximise the potential of your space, as well as its visual appeal. There is always a display home around you, so don’t forget to find the one nearest to you and have a look.

  1. Hit The Magazine Rack

Last but not least, there are now dozens if not hundreds of magazines dedicated to interior design available at bookstores, supermarkets or newsagents. In fact, you can even subscribe to various interior design magazines online. Most of these magazines come with hundreds upon hundreds of interior design ideas, photographs of people’s homes and they’ll even reveal where you can purchase some of the items featured.


With these sources at your disposal, we are sure that your interior decoration mission will end up a beautiful success. Designing your home doesn’t have to be a stressful headache – it can be a great way to flex your creative muscle and a really fun project for you and your partner, or even the entire family to take part in.



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