Revamp Your Bedroom For Your Next Home Project


We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. So why not re-decorate it? Our bedroom is one of our favorite places to relax in and retreat from the rest of the world! So what better than having it suited exactly to your taste, rather than having it done as generically as we do our kitchens and living rooms. So, revamp your bedroom for your next project! Here are a few things that you could try out.

Re-Think Your Fabrics

You should certainly feel cozy in your room! So invest in some extra throws and pillows to scatter over your bed. These look pretty as well as helping you feel comfortable in your room. Try choosing mismatching colors for a fun and quirky effect. Also think about your curtains or blinds. They don’t have to match your bed covers, so try choosing a different color. Make sure they are blackout if you struggle to sleep with the light streaming in!

Use The Space

Use the space in your room effectively. If it is only a small room, think about whether you really need all the furniture you have in there. Use under bed storage solutions to help out with your clearing your space and to hide any clutter. If it is a small room and you have built in wardrobes, they might not be the best option, especially if you aren’t utilizing the space inside. Hire a rubbish removal service from here,, and rip the whole thing out! Then downsize to a smaller wardrobe, you’ll be amazed how much bigger the room will feel.

Pick A Great New Colour Scheme

Picking a new colour scheme for your room is one of the most effective and obvious ways of giving your room a real lift! Why not use Google images for some quick inspiration? Repaint your walls, and change a few accessories to match the new scheme. Try something you wouldn’t usually choose for a drastic change!


Think About Your Walls

Consider what you’d like to do with the space on your walls. If you prefer a cleaner, minimalistic look, then leave them completely bare. Alternatively, find some art to your taste that you can hang. Or make your own art and proudly position it on your wall! It’s your room, so pick whatever suits your taste.

Consider Your Lighting

Lighting is important in any room, but especially in your bedroom! There is nothing worse than getting comfy in bed after reading a book, then having to get up to switch the light off! Get yourself a bedside lamp for some practicality. Also consider some different lighting solutions. Take a look at my post How To Make A DIY Cloud Lantern for something different and quirky you could try in your room! If you are more traditional in your decor, why not have a floor lamp as well as your main light and bedside table lamp?


Hopefully by revamping just a few of these aspects, your bedroom will look refreshed and new! Have fun!


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