Store Pots, Pans and Baking Dishes the Correct Way!

Welcome to another instalment in our Kitchen Organisation 101 Series. Today we will be going through what is jammed into your corner cupboard and using the PICK method we will show you how to store pots, pans and baking dishes the correct way!


Is your cupboard space crammed with pots & pans? Before you envisage how you want your cupboard space packed, we need to consider how it’s already packed. Take every pot, pan, jug, measuring cup, lid, baking dish out of your corner cupboard, I always start here when I’m organising a clients kitchen as this cupboard poses a lot of problems as the space is used ineffectively.

Look at every piece, spread it out over your dining room floor. How many of the following items do you own:

  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Baking Dishes
  • Scissors
  • Stirring spoons (Wooden, plastic, or metal)
  • Chopping boards

A general rule of thumb if the nonstick frying pan bought back in ’97 is now sticking, it is unsafe to use. Toss it. A wooden stirring spoon, if it’s blackened and the wood is fraying it’s time to go too.

Once all the unsafe pieces have been relegated to the bin, look at your ceramic bowls. Are any of them chipped or have hairline cracks? If yes, it’s time to throw them out or reuse them (if you haven’t reused or repurposed the chipped bowl in two months you never will – throw it OUT) Isolate all the chipped, cracked and unsafe pieces and put them in a box. Label the box with the date if you’re reusing those pieces and stow it away, if not toss it.

store-pots-pans-baking-dishes-the-correct-way-img-1It’s now time to contain what is left of the pots and pans in a way that works for you. A good way to contain the frying pans are to nestle one inside the other. If we all had money to burn we would install pot and pan holders and specially made pot drawer but the reality is not many of us can afford such luxury and anyway why spend that money when you can DIY?

The best thing to use is a dish rack to house: baking trays, muffin tins, cake tins, pot lids etc.


Glass bake ware is generally large and heavy, best way to contain this is not to stack one inside the other because when the recipe calls for your largest baking dish you won’t want to shift those heavy baking dishes around. Get a wire pot holder and install this in your cupboard. Remember, each shelf in your kitchen is valuable real estate in your home.

Scissors, I have found up to 15 in one kitchen as the client kept losing them and replacing them! Make a home in your kitchen for two pairs of scissors. If they have to be hung up do so, get everyone in the family to return the scissors to the same spot every time. No excuses.


This will obviously take you time and it’s not a project that can be completed in just one day, do three hours at a time to achieve a perfectly organised kitchen. The kure will be more time in your kitchen to cook and create!

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