How to do a Weekly Food Planner and Sticking to a Budget. Kitchen Organisation – Part 3

Kitchen Organisation Part 3 – Weekly Food Planner and Sticking to a Budget.

Let’s go over what we have learnt so far in the kitchen organisation series. Part 1 we covered decluttering your kitchen cabinets and in part 2 we went over reorganising shelf by shelf, using the kitchen pantry system. In this part of the kitchen organisation series we cover how to do a weekly food planner and sticking to a budget. A small investment of time and initial planning will end up saving you time, money, stress and also create healthy eating habits in your home.

How to do a Weekly Food Planner and Sticking to a Budget. Kitchen Organisation - Part 3A weekly food planner really is key to saving money at the supermarket. It allows you to look at your pantry before heading out and take inventory of what you have in order to plan your purchases around that, always shop from your own pantry before you buy more.

What is your weekly food budget and how do you stick to it? First, you need to choose an amount and stick to it every week; a family of 4 is around $200/wk. With a budget in mind you can customise your food planner accordingly.

Invest just one week noting down when the catalogue specials start and finish, then with your meal planner sit down and decide for the seven days what will be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get your families input and make it fun with weekly specials. Once a recipe book of family favourites has been established, use the planner to start saving money.

How to do a Weekly Food Planner and Sticking to a Budget. Kitchen Organisation - Part 3 3

With a food planner you will spend less on eating out. I know what it’s like, it’s 5pm and you’re tired, the easiest option is the drive through, right? Wrong a meal planner will enable you to avoid spending money on junk by default because you will know what’s for dinner and on busy days you can plan to have dinner waiting in the crock pot or slow cooker for when you get home.

Another great benefit of food planning is that you know what will be allocated for each meal you can spend less time in the supermarket as you will have your list guiding you on what is needed for the week. With this weekly food planner expect to save money by sticking to your budget, time at the end of the day and expect to eat more wholesome foods. If you come under your budget at the checkout why not put the extra cash into an envelope to put toward a party or a savings goal?

How to do a Weekly Food Planner and Sticking to a Budget. Kitchen Organisation - Part 32

Download your weekly planner template here: Pick Me Weekly Meal Planner or spend just 10 minutes with a good ol’ pencil and paper and make a budget, a meal planner and get organised today! Once the meal plan has been established, give the meal planner prime real estate in your pantry. Back of the pantry door works well or in your family communication centre hub ~ the fridge!

Next week in the kitchen organisation series we are elbows deep in pots & pans and offering professional tips on how to wrangle them.

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