Essential Tips for Packing like a Pro

Essential tips for packing like a pro: some organisational tips for traveling light.

You are going on holiday, it’s all very exciting and whether you are going overseas or interstate there are some rules which will make packing and unpacking an easy five minute job whilst travelling.

Before you even mentally veto everything that is hanging in your wardrobe, register your travel plans with, even if it’s just to visit rellies in NZ, it’s the smart and organised way to travel.

Now that you’ve registered look up the weather for your destination(s), most weather sites should be able to tell you what temperature Rome will be on December 25th of any given year, this pre-planning is particularly helpful when you are travelling between several countries and with the variances in baggage allowances, this planning will enable you to pack light.

With all your clothes roll them, rolling all your clothes and underwear takes up less space than folded clothes, and once your packed halve that amount of clothes, then halve them again. Less is more particularly while travelling.

Make a check list and carry it with you so that you don’t forget your charger/ passport/ credit cards in a hotel room somewhere, in fact I would make sure all those essential items are with you at all times – carry them on you.

Wear large or bulky clothing – don’t pack that 2nd coat when travelling take just ONE coat and don’t ever pack it just wear it, the same goes for jumpers and sweatshirts.

With your toiletries buy them at your destination – why do you need to carry shampoo around when most countries in the world have many supermarkets and you can buy what you need them and have that extra rooms for that extra shopping.


How to pack your suitcase the P.I.C.K. M.E. Way

Pack – Packing your suitcase is just like planning the layout of your living room or kitchen. You will need to think about the sections that will live in your suitcase based on the various activities you will be doing whilst travelling. Don’t ever pack thick jumpers, that second pair of pyjama pants, that fourth suit for a three day business trip or any item that can only be worn once and with only one outfit in your suitcase.

Isolate – If you’re an over packer then this part in the organising process of traveling will be hard but if you’re an under packer this will also pose a problem. If you self-edit to a fault you will find you’ve arrived at your destination to find you are missing some critical piece of clothing. Just choose clothing with a clear vision of where you’re going, pack according to a colour theme i.e. blacks, whites or greys so that you can mix and match as many outfits as possible. This will also make life easier when you are travelling, less clothes = less to keep track of.

Contain – Pack the bulkiest items first, chances are that laptop will only make an appearance at conference and not before, consider fabric mesh bags or clear bags so that security can see all your items clearly and getting through customs will be easy. All your toiletries should be stored in leak-proof, travel sized containers. Keep toiletries in separate bags by their section i.e, showering: toothbrush, hair care, brushes, gel, hair accessories. Keep a checklist of the contents of each kit tucked inside, this way any items that need to be added last minute, for example medications can be done easily.

Kure – No anxiety whilst traveling, you have defined sections in your suitcase of where everything lives and everything is easy to find.

Maintain – Abide by the checklists and you will find traveling a breeze.

Equalise – After the holiday is over and your back home, and before you sit down to catch up on emails make sure you unpack every item from that suitcase otherwise it won’t get done for weeks. Make it a rule to do this before the next holiday or business trip.

Carry-On Tote Travel Checklist - Big

Happy Travels! by Rosemary from Pick Me Organisers.

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