Let More Light Into Your Home

Let More Light Into Your Home

Did you ever find yourself drooling over a home improvement show? You might have dwelt on the differences between sleek modern spaces and our own homes. Sure, they are well designed and efficient but it seems to be a question of light.

With the exception of some small corners that are sanctuary like, the modern home is all about light. And little wonder. Light is essential to a sense of well-being. Being deprived of light is a punishment most of us would rather avoid. Older style properties, in particular, are often darker spaces with smaller windows. This is often down to the fact that older windows were rather inefficient. Less and smaller windows meant warmer spaces. This is no longer the case. With today’s technologically efficient windows, we can afford to open up our homes and let the light come flooding in.

Replacing existing windows like for like.

Probably the easiest way to have more efficient windows is to fit double glazing. Technology has meant that you can have efficient double glazed windows fitted easily. These units can be gas filled and are so much more efficient. But installing new windows also means you can bring in designs that allow more light in, and, of course, don’t let expensive heat escape. If replacing windows is not an option, you could consider fitting retro double glazing. Installing units like these in your house could mean that you could dispense with heavy and dark curtains. Opt for subtle blinds instead to have more control over light and privacy.


Enlarge your current window spaces.

There is no need to settle for your existing window sizes. You could enlarge your spaces and create more light without too much trouble. You might have to increase the width of the lintels, and you might need a builder to help you, but imagine the possibilities.

You could even take out large windows and install sliders. These could go so far as to extend the width of the house. This look takes even the humble villa to a new level of light and space. Extend your inside out and you could look at bringing more garden into the house and vice a versa. Consider upgrading your outside lighting at the same time.

Look to the roof.

This will apply more to single storey properties but could be used on the second or third floor. Open up your ceiling with Velux style windows to bring light flooding in. This has been a real lifesaver in many a dark back bedroom. It is also a great way to open up your attic space or even hallway.

There are a great range of natural spotlight kits within reach of the average DIYer. These reflective and periscopic tubes are brilliant in getting light into dark spaces.

There are a range of other factors that can help with lighting up spaces. Of course, you can increase your range of lamps and have a look at upgrading your lighting systems. Mirrors can be brought into rooms to increase the amount to light. If your home is decorated with sombre or dark colours, consider painting and decorating in white or lighter tones. The difference is astounding.

Getting more light into your home will make it feel like a superb modern space. It can lift your mood and allow your living space to feel brighter and more energetic.


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