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If you are looking to remodel your home’s exterior, you may be considering building out your house. An extension to make better use of your yard or garden can be ideal if you have enough space. But you want that extension to look good within the setting. Choosing the right design and the right finish on your building materials is essential.

Most of us choose to extend our living area into the garden to create a better flow from indoors to outdoors. Sliding or folding doors are ideal to help bring the outdoors in. It makes for a great entertaining space too. But if you are entertaining in your yard area, you want that part of your home to look enticing and contemporary.


It’s not always easy to design the space around a new building. Instead, we often choose an architect for the building design and then hire a landscape gardener to tidy up afterwards. By designing the space to suit the building, you can create a look that fits your building better. Your choice of building materials could be used in other areas of the garden for example. Sandstone blocks are a wonderful building material that could be used as part of the facade of your home as well as for creating boundary walls.

Using good quality materials means the result will look better and last longer. You can often find they are easier to maintain and easier to install as well. If you are looking for a DIY project, then designing a new garden area is a great one to try. You can install new boundary railings, fencing and walls. These can be built to match or follow a theme from your design sketches.

IMG: Brogers End

You might want to build up an outdoor dining and cooking area. These can be installed with or without a wall to keep the wind out. Tiles, slate, or even wooden decking can be used as flooring. But you want this design to fit seamlessly in with the rest of your exterior and the interior too. This is where your design skills can help create a single flow of ideas for the ultimate garden project.

Planting is important in an outside space as well. If you’re not a keen gardener, then you can look to planters instead. These can easily be moved around the garden to suit your design or the changing seasons. They are easy to pot as well. You could change the contents to fit a seasonal colour palette, or to add more structure and height to your

If you have a pool area, this too could be designed to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the garden. The trick is to use paths to connect each area. A wall could also lead the way from one place to the next, much like your hallway inside. Find design elements that work in each place.

Designing a new outdoor space to seamlessly integrate a new part of your building is a great project to take on. It can be a big job though so involve your architects and builders to ensure you are getting the look you want.


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