How to Style Traditional Furniture in the Modern Home

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how-to-style-traditional-furniture-in-the-modern-homeI’m often faced with clients who have a love of classic or traditional style furniture yet live in very modern homes. So how do you make it work? I use a number of tricks that can be applied to various homes because of their universal nature however it is easy to get a little overwhelmed when trying to work a much loved style into a new home. I’ve detailed 5 tips to follow when playing around with a traditional or classic decor scheme in a modern home.

1. Can you change any of the fixtures?

The architecture of our rooms is largely what dictates the age of the room. Try swapping some of the fixtures such as overhead lights or wall sconces for something in a more traditional style (eg. antique silver finish or more curved edges) will help make the room feel less stark and modern. Perhaps you could switch out the kitchen cupboard door knobs with something more classic. Door hardware is an instant way to tell the style of a room and yet they are very easily changed in an afternoon with a screwdriver. 

2. Soften the fixtures

If changing things like window frames and door knobs is out of the question for you, try and soften the look of the architecture or fixtures in your home. Opting to hang curtains from the ceiling above your window rather than directly above the top of the window is a great way to disguise a window frame you aren’t in love with. Soft billowy sheer curtains do this well but you could also install a double curtain rail and have sheer curtains peeking out from patterned curtains. That way you’ve got two options to hide the windows with. how-to-style-traditional-furniture-in-the-modern-home-2

3. Cover The Floors

Our floors are also a dead giveaway to the style of a house but luckily there are tonnes of flooring options out there to help portray a more classic look in your home. Opt for the largest size you can afford. You’ll never regret a large rug as your furniture can be placed underneath your furniture easily. A rug that is too small for the room will look as though you have arranged your furniture around a postage stamp. To stay in keeping with the classic look it’s best to choose plain rugs over patterned bright rugs. Classic materials include sisal, jute and tufted or knotted wool. 

4. Hang Art

The art we choose to hang on our walls is a firm statement of what our style and taste is like. Where possible it’s always great to ensure we have a relatively blank backdrop on the walls so opting for a white or off white in wall colour will assist greatly here. In order to incorporate a more classic look in a modern home, hanging more traditional art pieces such as framed art prints or oil paintings are a great option here. Hung on white walls the framed art pieces will pop out and take centre stage. how-to-style-traditional-furniture-in-the-modern-home-1

5. Colour Palettes

While both modern style homes and traditional style homes can feature neutral colours, traditional seems to lean more towards the warmer neutral tones like beige, sand, donkey grey and taupe where as modern homes tend to feature cool whites and cool greys. Keep this in mind when choosing paint colours for your walls as well as choosing big ticket items like sofas, upholstered dining chairs and timber furniture, even four poster beds. Warm = more traditional. Cool = more modern.

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