How To Hide Your Home’s Wires and Cables

How To Hide Your Home’s Wires and Cables


We all have appliances and gadgets in our homes that keep us entertained and make our lives easier. Whether it’s a computer, TV or microwave, they all need electricity to function correctly. Unfortunately, this can often lead to an accumulation of extensive wires and cables. They can make even the cleanest of homes seem disorganised and messy. So no matter how tidy you keep the rooms in your home, they can often be spoiled by theses annoying but essential cables. While you can’t get rid of them completely, there are things you can do to hide and disguise them. Read the following tips to find out how.


Add wire covers

One of the quickest and simplest ways to hide your wires and cables is by using wire covers. These covers not only conceal cables and wires, but they also protect them from getting damaged and tangled. They can be found in a variety of colors, and it’s even possible to paint some wire covers too. Making them easier to disguise and blend in with your decor. You can also find cable covers in varying lengths and sizes, depending on the length and width of the wire you want to hide. This is an ideal method to use on the cabling for digital antenna installation or any other wires that run across floors and walls. Measure the approximate length of the cable then head to a hardware or electrical store to acquire the size and style you need.


Use clear tape

Another easy technique than anyone can try is using clear tape to hide the wires and cables in your home. This is perfect for lightweight cables used on phone chargers, lamps, and printers. It also works best when these items are displays on tables. Take the wire you wish to hide and run it behind the table leg. Then use your clear tape to secure it in place. Make sure you use a strong tape to make sure this method works efficiently. If you’re worried about the tape taking the paint or finish off your table, use bulldog clips instead. This will help make the underneath of your end table or desk seem less messy and will also give you extra space.


Try electrical spiral wraps

Electrical spiral wraps are another fantastic way of hiding and organizing your wires. Like wire covers, they also provide protection and prevent your cables from getting knotted and tangled. They also come in many colors which makes it easier for them to blend in. This is an ideal method to use in areas where multiple cables are needed such as the back of your TV and desktop computer. Spiral wraps are easy to use and can instantly improve the look and function of these areas. Choose a suitable color and length and declutter your wires beforehand.

Taking the time to hide your wires and cables will help make your home seem less cluttered. But it can also simplify and organize your life. Always remember to unplug your appliances before hiding your wires to prevent electrocution.


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