How to Get the Best Beauty Sleep

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How to Get the Best Beauty Sleep


Your bedroom is your safe space, a place that echoes you as a person and makes you feel at home. It’s where you put your feet up, where you store your prized possessions and where you drift off to sleep at night, and that means it’s one of the most important rooms in your house.

Many people experience trouble sleeping beginning at some point in their lives, and sometimes it can go for months, or even years. Maybe these people just need to take advantage of a Koala Mattress sale and upgrade their sleeping platform, but maybe the problem lies elsewhere. We have compiled four top things that can help you get the best out of your bedroom.


  1. A Work-Free Zone

Doing work in your bedroom can cause your brain to mentally assign a “workplace” mentality to your place of slumber. Human brains work on a context basis, and the context of a workplace is a place where work gets done, which means your brain increases its focus levels and works hard. Getting this mentality in the bedroom every single night is problematic, because it eventually overrides your brain’s context for “place to sleep”, meaning your bedroom becomes a workplace, and when you try to sleep there you toss and turn. Even if you have work to do at home, do it in the kitchen, or the living room, or literally any room other than the bedroom. Your sleep will return to you if you do.


2. Arranging for Harmony

The way your room is arranged can have an impact on your wellbeing as well as the quality of your sleep. Having furniture in otherwise obtuse locations, blocking your exit paths and making awkward movements necessary, can result in an ever-present frustration that causes you to associate negatively with your room. Arranging things for ease of movement is a great way to make your room flow better, and with better flow not only comes better sleep, but a more safe environment as well. With furniture blocking your path to the door, a dangerous situation with fire becomes deadly.


How to get the best beauty sleep

3. Declutter for Dreams

A chaotic bedroom setup can also affect the amount of sleep you get on a nightly basis.

Having clothes and books and items everywhere can cause a low-level constant state of stress for our brain, which is why some people think cleaning up is therapeutic, because it does away with that stress. Making your room more organised and less chaotic is a great way to destress, and it will also improve your quality of sleep, because despite being asleep your brain can still maintain that low-level constant stress, making your sleep interrupted and non-restful. After one big clean, your room will only require smaller cleans to get it back to a relaxing, organised state.


4. Clean for Sleep

Dust can be detrimental to your health, and so can a dirty room. Unlike our previously mentioned chaotic room problems, dirt buildup can be much more subtle. Dust appears on all surfaces over time, and it can affect your breathing while you sleep, and even trigger asthma in some people.

Cleaning your room once a week with sweeping and dusting, as well as washing your sheets regularly, can make your nights much more relaxing, and your health better too. Letting in fresh air every day is a good way to keep the air from stagnating and taking on lingering smells, and you’ll feel better in a fresher atmosphere.




The above suggestions are great ways to make your way back to better nights of dreams and rest, and with maintenance all of them are easy to remember to do.





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