Home Organisation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Home Organisation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

While it’s common sense that having an organised home is a good idea, putting it into practice can be something else all together. Good organisation can help you lead a calmer and more efficient life. But not everyone has got the hang of it.

The good


Firstly let’s look at some good examples of home organisation. The above picture of a well-organised garage is something to aspire to. Note that everything has a place to be returned to. The storage is open, so you can instantly see what you are looking for, and its practical and cheap to construct yourself. You can use these principles in any room where it’s important that tools are available, when you need them and still keep them in order like the bathroom or kitchen. In rooms that are more for relaxing like the bedroom and lounge make sure that you use attractive, quality wardrobe sliding doors on your cupboards to hide what is in them and give it a much calmer ambience.

The bad


Bad storage is common as people are often just making the best of the space and materials that they have already got. Somewhere, where we see a lot of this is in, kid’s playrooms. It can be super tough to find storage that is accessible and on budget for all your kid’s toy collections. But maybe that’s just it? What if your little ones just have too many toys? You can sort through them together and give some away to charity, which will help you child help someone else while cutting out the clutter.

Or you can work a toy rotation system, so each month you have a box of toys that comes down from the attic for the kids to play with. The last months goes back in the attic and so you rotate what they have to hand on a regular basis. This can increase the lifespan of your kid’s toys as they don’t get bored so quick and when the box comes down it can be like getting new toys all over again. It also reduces the amount of toys that you have to tidy and out away every night.

The ugly

Home Organisation- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

While some people have a natural disposition for cleaning and home organisation, is not actually a genetic trait. We can learn to be effective planners and organisers; it just takes a bit of hard work and practice. To help you-you need to remember these two things.

The first is have a cleaning schedule and stick to it. You can use a blank master copy like this or devise your own. But having your home jobs on a formal plan can help you to devote a small amount of time each day to keeping on top of the mess. It’s much better than letting it go, then having to do a three hour clean each week!

Secondly, have enough space. As we saw in the good home organisation example is crucial to have enough space for items to be stored in. As we can see in this photos the home owner has bought a new frying pan but has found nowhere to put it. So the brand new item is sitting on a table with dirty plates and half finished drinks. Not exactly the best place to keep it!

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