DIY 1 Hour Blanket with Binding

These fast blankets make the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays and christmas. Learn how to sew on bias binding for a professional finish.

DIY 1 Hour Blanket with Binding

I have a new sewing machine guys!! A treat yo’self present to myself which also doubles as a business expense! Double YAY. I love my  Janome, it has 100 stitches and I have used about 3 of them 🙂 I can’t believe it has taken me so long to invest in a sewing machine. Get set for more sewing tut’s, as I’m hooked.

September is a busy month of birthdays for us and this year I wanted to try my hand at quilting. Well, that didn’t happen as those things take SO long to complete, good lord! Even the beginner quilts, you’re looking at least a week (of nap times) to make anything bigger than a tea towel. My pet peeve is having half done projects lying around the house and also, if it’s too hard I tend to give up on it (gym,dieting,budgeting etc.).

This present is my ‘I wanted to make you a quilt, but I left it too late so, I made you this blanket instead.’ Hope you like it.


  • 1.5 metre (1.64 yards) minky dot fabric ($11.89/m)
  • 1.5 metre (1.64 yards) flannelette fabric ($6.99/m)
  • Sewing machine – straight stitch
  • 25mm x 3m poly cotton bias binding – two packets
  • Pins
  • Fabric Scissors

Step 1. Join the two pieces of binding 

diy-1-hour-single-bed-blanket-with-binding-2Something cool I learnt in my latest YouTube Degree was to join bias binding together so you can’t see a join line. Line up the ends of the binding right side facing on a right angle (as pictured). Sew diagonally in the corner where the white line illustrates. Trim off excess  fabric and press the seams to one side with an iron.


Step 2. Pin it along the edge of your blanket

diy-1-hour-single-bed-blanket-with-binding-7Pin right side down to the top side of the fabric. Sew around paying attention to keep your stitch straight. Leave a 20cm tail of binding not sewn to the fabric.

TIP: For gorgeous mitered corners, hold a finger firmly at the bottom corner and fold the binding back onto itself (as pictured), pin and continue to sew around.


Step 3. Creating an endless binding 

diy-1-hour-single-bed-blanket-with-binding-11diy-1-hour-single-bed-blanket-with-binding-12Pull your binding ends together bunching the blanket slightly as you do it. Pin and double check that is the correct place to sew by smoothing out the edge of the blanket. If the blanket still bunches the binding is too tight. If the binding isn’t sitting flush next to the blanket than it is too loose. Once you are happy with the length, use the same method as step 1 to seal up the binding.

Step 4. Back it up

diy-1-hour-single-bed-blanket-with-binding-13Get your minky material and cover the back of the blanket, wrong sides facing. Fold over the binding to cover the edge of the minky and straight pin in place.


Step 5. Sew shut

Carefully sew your bias down and pay attention to your straight stitch as this will be visible on the end blanket.


Customise the pattern and size to suit your needs. Mix up the material for a summer throw or use heavier knits for a warmer winter version.


What did you think? If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form below.

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