Creative Ways to Declutter and Detox Before Downsizing

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Creative Ways to Declutter and Detox Before Downsizing

The sheer amount of STUFF that can can accumulate when you’re just going about your life is, quite frankly, staggering. If you are in the position of having to move house soon into something smaller, we empathise. It’s never easy to have to give a bunch of your stuff away (or to sell it, gift it – whatever you do) – and for many people, it can be quite traumatic to do so! Figuring out what to throw, and how to choose between two beloved childhood stuffed toys, can be hugely gut-wrenching. After all, you’re parting with your history here.

Without getting too existential here, our stuff is really the only reminder that we’ve even had a life! When you consider that we’re all just roaming around, living in the moment, our stuff is what makes our history – a life lived. And often, that life is pretty darn spectacular and full of exciting moments and mementos!

So, when it comes time to part with it, you want to make sure that you do it the right way! With the help of Melbourne furniture removalists, we have come up with a list of some of the most creative ways to detox and declutter before you make the shift into your new home.

Creative Ways to Declutter and Detox Before Downsizing


Start small

Staring down the barrel of a whole house full of stuff to sort is never fun. Often the task can seem very overwhelming and you might be facing it with some trepidation. The easiest way around a house decluttering is to ensure that you start with manageable chunks. That way, you can just chew your way through the decluttering process piece by piece!

Give away an item a day

It’s often hard to face giving away or selling a lot of your items – but what about just one item? It is decidedly easy to donate one item a day; just start with one thing, and then work your way up to multiple items. The cleansing feeling you will experience will most likely lead to you wanting to give away or sell more and more items!

The closet experiment

We believe it was Oprah who first popularised this one – but it’s a good ‘un. If you are in the lucky (or not so lucky) position of having too many clothes – and are reluctant to throw any away because ‘you might wear them, sometime…’, simply get rid of the ones you don’t wear by turning all your hangers around at the start of the year. Then, as the year goes on and you wear an item, turn the hanger around show you have worn that item. At the end of the year, the items that have been unworn (and are unflipped on their hangers) go straight to the Vinnie’s bin.

Make a list and start small

Again with the ‘starting small’ idea – but it’s really important to just make a start. If you’re overwhelmed, just start with 5 solid minutes. It can be as simple as just tidying out one drawer. Then move to the next one tomorrow.


Donate an item a day

For the ones with a bit more clutter to give – you can try to donate one item a day for a year. Give it a go! You will be surprised at how easy it gets once you start.

Imagine your way to a decluttered life

If it really is too hard to start decluttering, use your imagination. Think to yourself – “what would I pay for item X if I were to buy it in the stores today?” Often, you won’t place a high monetary value on it – and the item will be sentimental. Whatever the blocker is, try to remove it by thinking around it!

Hold the mother of all garage sales!

Once you have employed a few (or all!) of the techniques listed above, you can safely start to sell your stuff on weekends in a yard sale or garage sale.



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