A Guide To More Privacy In Your Garden


There’s nothing worse than spending time in your garden with friends, or trying to relax, all the while having people nosing in on what you’re doing. They might not even do it intentionally. They might walk past, unable to help but see what you’re doing. They may be able to see right into your garden from their window. They might actually just be plain nosy. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, this guide will help you to get more privacy in your garden.


Plant A Tree

Plant a tree to shade your garden and add somewhere for you to sit. You may need to wait a while for this tree to grow full size, so it could be a technique you use if you’re willing to be patient. Don’t expect full privacy right away. Do it for great results in the future!


Add Height With Other Plants

Add some height to your garden with other plants that you like. You’d be surprised at how an extra couple of feet can make your garden feel more private and secluded. Using varying heights is a good technique anyway, as it makes your garden look more professional and interesting. Training a climber along a trellis makes for a perfect privacy screen.


Put Up A Fence Or Wall

It goes without saying that putting up a fence or wall is the most obvious option. It depends on how much privacy you want and the type of look you’re going for. If you don’t want to close your garden off completely, it could be an idea to put up a lattice fence. Installing strong garden and landscaping retaining walls could be a good idea if you prefer total privacy.


Use Bold Garden Containers

Why not invest in some large, bold garden containers? Not only will these add personality and fun to your garden, they’ll also add more privacy. You can put plants or flowers in these, or have them stand alone if you prefer. Make a statement in your garden and not only will you feel more secluded, you’ll love the look.


Add A Conservatory, Archway or Pergola

If you have room, adding a conservatory, archway, or pergola could help you to achieve more privacy. Not only that, they’ll add a totally new look to your garden. A conservatory could be a good idea if you’re a keen gardener, or would like to add another room to your home. An archway or pergola doesn’t add as much privacy. However, it definitely adds more character and a little more privacy. Plus, it’s easier and cheaper to do. A lot of the decisions you make will depend on your budget and how much time you have.


If you take these steps, you’ll soon be enjoying more privacy in your garden. You’ll be able to host garden parties, read a book, or sunbathe in total confidence that nobody is peeping at you. A private garden can really be a safe haven. If that’s your idea of heaven, try these tips and enjoy the finished product. Come back for more great tips soon!


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