3 Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Floors

3 Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Floors

There are many ways to alter the look and feel of the rooms in your home. But none are as instantly effective as replacing your floors. Many of us take our floors for granted, and we forget how much impact they have. Not only can they add style and comfort, but they can also influence a lot of the design and decor decisions we make. From what colour to paint the walls to the furniture we buy. Like most things, they do get work out and need replacing from time to time. But before you start ripping up your carpet, floorboards, and tiles, here are some important things you must consider.


Dimensions and size

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when replacing their floors is not considering the dimensions and size they need. A difference in height, even a minor one from one room’s floor to another can increase the risk of falls and injuries. Not having the dimensions could also result in you buying too much or not enough flooring. This could make you spend more than you wanted to. So no matter what type of floor cover you are considering to install, you need to take thorough measurements first. This should include the approximate height of the floor, as well as the dimensions of the room in question. You can then use the Bunning’s floor calculator here to determine how much you need and an approximate cost.


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DIY or Pro

Another thing you need to consider is whether you want to do the work yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. You need to think about the type of floor you want to install and your current skill set. You can find easy to install wooden floors from most hardware stores, which even DIY beginners can put together. But while it’s good to push yourself and learn new skills, some flooring will require professional expertise and attention. Especially if you want to replace your floors with complicated tiles and carpets. It could also give you a more polished and long lasting finish.



If you live in a property that was built before the 1990’s, it’s likely that your flooring may contain asbestos. This material was previously used by builders to strengthen floors and make it more durable. But it was banned during the 1980’s, as it was proven to be a cause of lung cancer. So if you like in an older home with flooring that has vinyl, tiles, glue or adhesive used, you need to proceed with caution. Removing this flooring yourself could disturb the asbestos and introduce it into the air supply. So to keep yourself safe you need to hire an expert to remove it. You can find out more about PROAS asbestos removal company here. If you’re not sure whether you have asbestos in your floor, it’s always best to get it check out by a professional.


Now you’ve considered these important aspects you can start choosing suitable replacement floor covers. Whether you choose colourful carpets or rustic wooden floor boards, your home is bound to look fabulous.


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