3 Designer Pools to Inspire Your Next Backyard Renovation

Every Aussie family loves a private backyard swimming pool to invite the family and friends around for a splash. Install a swimming pool and you’re creating a backyard family oasis that will create lifelong memories (not to mention you’ll add value to your home when it’s eventually time to sell on).

Pools don’t have to look like clunky affairs, uninspiring rectangular or oval shapes that are more eyesore than oasis in your garden. Pool designs have come a long way in recent decades, becoming the centrepieces of designer backyards you’ll want to show off.

For your inspiration (and to induce some serious backyard envy), I’ve dug up three of my favourite pools from around the country:
The Side Runner

This gorgeous luxury home in Sydney has a unique approach to installing a pool.

The pool owners have fitted an elevated concrete pool to an unconventional and almost impossibly narrow space running alongside the house.

But here’s what I really love about this design: instead of hiding the pool away, the pool owners have made it a statement piece – not just in their backyard, but in their home as well.

With the pool raised several metres above the home, the wall running alongside the house has been converted to glass, so you can enjoy the look of swirling blue water even when you’re in the living room.

There’s another bonus here: though it doesn’t surpass the importance of supervising your children from the pool’s edge, you can at least keep an eye on them when you duck inside quickly to get more refreshments or sunscreen.

The Balinese Oasis

This pool transports me to the deepest and most glamorous depths of exotic Asia.

The vertical wooden posts mimic bamboo, creating not just an artistic feature near your pool but a good screen to block the wind and add a touch of privacy.

The glass fence isn’t just sophisticated either; it’s a great way to fence off your pool without making it feel cramped and hidden from the rest of your backyard. This is already a small yard, so this clever design really maximises on minimal space.

The raised wooden deck and cosy, stylish lounge chairs make you feel like you’re in a resort. And the lush greenery surrounding the poolside really gives it a tropical edge.

To complete the image, the down lights, pool lighting and fire pit make you want to make the most of this at night and really set you up for having a relaxing break in your own backyard.
The Traditional Pool with a Twist


If you’re looking for something a little more classic yet with a contemporary touch, this backyard design shows how you can transform the traditional rectangular pool into a stylish, attractive feature of your backyard.

The floating platforms and water feature on this elegantly simple pool are the perfect way to add something different to a traditional design.

I’m also a little bit obsessed with how lighting has been used in this pool to create that golden glow that adds an element of luxury!

For more inspiration and ideas for backyard designs, check out the Love Life Outdoors blog.

Alex Sign Off

Alex is the National Brand Manager at Australian Outdoor Living. She loves her job and loves jotting down her thoughts on all things outdoors. Outside of work, she loves: scoffing sorbet ice-creams in the summer sun, finding sand between her toes, trying to tame her very naughty puppy “Sabre”, and enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer! Especially in summer – the happiest time of year!


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